AEM-InDesign Integration

AEM-InDesign Integration

This connector will help organizations with the automation of the creative asset workflow while avoiding having to cross-train their creative users on how to use multiple tools.

Some of the features of this connector are listed in this section, highlighting the powerful business value for this tool. Additional extensions and customizations are also available for this tool, enhancing it to provide solutions for additional business problems.

1. Two-way Integration: Creating a two-way integration allows creative users to download assets from AEM and upload them back when finished making their changes.

2. Singular source of truth: This connector allows organizations to maintain a single source of truth for their digital assets within AEM.

3. Avoid Duplications: Automated workflows to ensure the referencing of existing assets while only creating new assets in AEM.

4. Utilizing Multiple Remote DAMs: This connector can be configured to allow for multiple AEM Asset instances and provides a native explorer tool for searching for digital assets.

5. Extensions and Customizations: Headless architecture allowing for future enhancements and customizations, unique for each client and their ecosystem.

6. Multiple System Compatibility: The Adobe InDesign connector is equipped with two versions for both Windows and Mac compatibility.



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Platform: Adobe Experience Manager

Whitepaper: Adobe InDesign Connector

Versions: 6.1, 6.2, 6.3, 6.4

Tags: AEM, Adobe Experience ManagerAdobe InDesign, AEM Assets