Digital Strategy Offerings

Our digital strategy practice helps your business develop a coherent brand experience, seamlessly communicating you’re messaging across each touch point, channel, and device your customers choose. We equip our client’s teams to leverage insights from their business, the market, and their omnichannel technology stack to achieve revenue targets and gain a competitive edge over their competition. Click here to learn about our Digital Strategy health check.

Experience Brand Audit

Helping you discover your brand competitive positioning, brand weaknesses, and identifying your brand strengths.

Customer Experience Strategy

Working with your team to create great experiences through successful buyer persona, user journey, and brand mapping.

Digital Optimization

We help you maximize your current digital environment, customer experience lifecycle ensuring a compelling, seamless experience.

Platform Selection

We help you strategize, select, and implement a scalable agile technology stack aligned with your digital strategy.


Our digital strategy team begins with the brand audit by creating an overview of your brand’s current state. Who are your target customers, and who are your primary competitors? What are the strengths and weaknesses of your brand? What differentiates your company from others in the same industry? How has your company positioned itself in anticipation of future trends? To learn more about how a brand audit might be valuable to your organization, click here.


  • Learn more about customer sentiment surrounding your brand
  • Determine how your brand is positioned against the competition
  • Uncover weaknesses that prevent your brand from growing
  • Identify the strengths that differentiate your brand from its competitors


We help you outline a path focused on helping you advance to the next level on the maturity assessment scale. Our simple but effective phased approach leads you through the digital roadmap to help you execute against agreed on next steps. The ideal outcome is a final artifact that explains the findings, analysis, and next steps, and most importantly compiles all of those into a clear roadmap with milestones on a timeline. To learn more about our Digital Strategy Practice, click here.


  • Maturity Assessment
  • Landscape Analysis
  • Business Goals & Pain Points
  • Strategy Document & Roadmap
  • Findings Analysis
  • Key Performance Indicators


How can your company create a better customer experience? We have found that extensive IT support is what makes the best customer experiences possible. We recommend you focus on the long-term customer journey as this is one way to ensure that you’re providing an excellent experience at every touchpoint. To learn more about our digital strategy services, click here.


  • Buyer Persona Mapping
  • User Journey Mapping
  • Organizational Alignment
  • Analytics And Insights
  • Technology Stack Evaluation


We help you maximize your current digital environment, customer experience lifecycle, and digital ecosystem to ensure that you provide each of your customers with a compelling, seamless experience. We work with you to identify areas of improvement in your organic and paid search initiatives. We also help you establish quality standards that you can implement to maintain your digital ecosystem at or above par with industry digital, web, and security standards. To learn more about how we can help you optimize your digital enterprise, click here.


  • Search Optimization
  • Process Alignment
  • Asset Management
  • Migration Support
  • Quality Assurance


As technology agnostic advisors, we help you choose the right platform regardless of the technology provider. From CMS, commerce, marketing automation, CRM, DAM, PIM, analytics, enterprise search, and more, we have over a decade of experience building and executing our proprietary Platform Selection Framework to help you create a world-class digital enterprise that will deliver a return on investment. To contact us our about your Digital Strategy Practice, click here.


  • Front-end Data Migration
  • Back-end Data Migration
  • Utility or Tool Based Data Migration