Devops & Managed Services Expertise

Our clients leverage our DevOps team or services to augment their IT department to experience lift so they can focus on the things that drive revenue into their organization and maximize their IT enterprise investment. To learn how our team can help you with your next IT project, cloud migration, or managed services support, click here.

DevOps Services

Helping you build the infrastructure, tools, and processes that empower you to develop, deliver and maintain optimal operations.

Cloud Managed Services

Delivering Cloud managed services to your organization and replacing expensive processes with more efficient services.

Application Management Services

Application management services help you improve application performance and achieve better business results.

Infrastructure Support Services

Providing a wide range of services to support your infrastructure reduce costs and increase your efficiencies.


Through our proprietary DevOps methodologies and systems, we help you improve the collaboration and communication between your software developers and IT professionals to automate the process of software development. Leveraging our vast IT experience can help you establish a culture and environment where building, testing, and releasing software happens rapidly, frequently, and reliably. Our team will help you implement a well designed DevOps program so you can streamline your software development processes. Click here to learn more about our DevOps practice and how we can help your IT enterprise.


  • Application Development Lifecycle Automation.
  • Application Release Automation
  • Different Environment Setups and Ongoing Management
  • Development Environments
  • Staging Environments
  • Setting Up QA Environments
  • Production Environments
  • Upgrades, Patches all Environments


Our DevOps team will help you implement cloud managed services using a cloud platform maintained by a managed service provider (like AWS or Azure). By adding our skilled IT DevOps resources to your existing team, you can significantly boost your performance and increase efficiencies within your IT infrastructure. We will help you accomplish your network operations, security operations, a cloud presence, IT life cycle management, and applications with speed and agility. To learn more about our cloud management service suite, click here.


  • Cloud Consultancy Services-AWS, Azure
  • Cloud Monitoring-AWS, Azure
  • Cloud Security- APM’s, Firewalls, IPS
  • CMS Based Cloud Management -Adobe, Sitecore, Episerver
  • Commerce Cloud Management-SAP Commerce Cloud, Websphere
  • Cloud Administration
  • Cloud Migrations


Our team of digital service specialists provides full application management services (AMS) for all CMS, CRM, ERP, Commerce, and Marketing applications and more. We help you seamlessly manage and maintain your digital platforms, helping you improve application performance and achieve better business results. To learn more about how we can help you cost effectively manage your digital applications, click here.


  • CMS Platforms-Adobe, Sitecore, Episerver, Drupal
  • CRM Platforms- MS Dynamics, Salesforce
  • ERP Platforms- Dynamics AX, Dynamics GP
  • Marketing Platforms- Marketo, Pardot, Oracle Eloqua
  • Commerce Platforms- SAP Commerce Cloud, Websphere, Elastic Path
  • Search Platforms- Lucene, SOLR


Our team of managed services consultants provide a full suite of Infrastructure support services; We provide data center management, infrastructure management, network services, end user services and technical support, security management, infrastructure monitoring, and virtualization to name a few. We understand that growing businesses run into new and unfamiliar situations all the time that were not planned for but are well known to us. We can help you develop the services to match the challenges your team is facing in a quick cost effective way. To learn more about how we can better help you manage your infrastructure, please click here.


  • Infrastructure Support Services (IT)
  • Network Design & Implementation
  • Infrastructure Monitoring & Alerting
  • CMS Platforms- Adobe, Sitecore, Episerver, Drupal
  • Commerce Platforms- SAP Commerce Cloud, Websphere, Elastic Path
  • Search Platforms- Lucene, SOLR
  • Cloud Management Services
  • Help Desk Services

DevOps Managed Services

Infrastructure Support (IT)

IT Consulting Services
Design & Implementation
Hybrid Infrastructure Support Cloud/Local
24/7 Technical Support
Capacity Planning & Implementation
Patching & Vulnerability Scanning
Business Contingency Services

Infrastructure Monitoring Tools


Help Desk Tools


Network Support Services

Design & Implementation- Core Network Services
UTM services- IPS,IDS,G/W Antivirus
Networking Monitoring & Alerting
Network Operations & Scaling
Technologies: Cisco, Ruckus, Fortinet, Sonicwall

Database Services

Database Administration
Database Clustering
Database Integrations
SQL/NoSQL Support

Application Hosting Services

Application Lifecycle Management
Continuation Integration & Deployment
Environment Consistency
Application Performance Monitoring
Application Security
Release Management