Why Should Your Business Choose Marketo for Marketing Automation?

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Are email, mobile and the web some of your company’s most important marketing channels? Does constructing campaigns for those channels consume a significant portion of your company’s resources? If you answered “yes” to both questions, your organization needs a marketing automation solution. Marketing automation makes it possible for your marketers to spend more time planning campaigns and less time executing them. Automation also helps your company get more from its campaigns by focusing the most energy on the customers likely to generate the most value.

At TA Digital, we have helped many of our clients achieve better sales results — and reduce their marketing budgets — with the Marketo marketing automation platform. Why should your business choose Marketo?

Marketo allows businesses to:

  • Optimize website content and advertising campaigns to attract the leads most likely to convert
  • Nurture leads with automated campaigns that generate sales without constant intervention from marketing staff
  • Use analytics to improve future campaigns and identify the most valuable customers
  • React to customer interactions — and display personalized content — over any channel

Let’s examine Marketo more deeply and learn more about what it can do for your business.

Marketo Helps You Attract the Right Leads

Marketo helps you make the right decisions when planning your website’s content. With Marketo, you can study your competition to find out what keywords they’re targeting. Based on your company’s website content and buyer persona — and what your competitors are doing — Marketo recommends a content strategy to help you create landing pages that will attract organic search engine traffic. It can even look for link building opportunities to help your company gain an edge when trying to rank for competitive keywords.

Marketo also helps your business find new customers on social media via paid advertising campaigns or target specific social media users who have previously interacted with your company. It automatically creates profiles for the people who interact with your organization via your website, marketing campaigns or offline channels. By watching those people on social media, Marketo learns more about their interests and engagement levels. When it’s time to target a specific lead with a campaign, it will help you select the social platform on which the campaign will be most effective.

Marketo Creates Powerful Lead Nurturing Campaigns

To have the highest possible chance of success, a lead nurturing campaign needs to speak directly to a prospect’s interests and needs. If you create a campaign that accounts for the landing page, lead magnet or product that caused a prospect to give your company his or her contact information, it is highly likely that the campaign will be successful. If the campaign automatically makes adjustments in response to the prospect’s actions — or inaction — the results will be even better. The problem, though, is that sculpting the way in which your company interacts with potential clients requires immense resources if you want to do it at scale.

Here’s how an email campaign can unfold with Marketo:

  • Your company creates landing pages targeting customers with different needs or pain points. You link the landing pages to lead magnets designed to encourage prospects to provide their contact information.
  • You create a unique email lead nurturing campaign for each landing page. You fill each campaign with content likely to appeal to prospects based on the interests they’ve expressed. You create variations of the content in each step of the campaign. The variations allow the campaign to react automatically depending on the prospect’s engagement level. Each campaign represents a single marketing segment.
  • You create additional marketing segments for prospects who become customers. You structure the segments to account for details such as purchase type and recency. As your prospects become customers, Marketo automatically updates their profiles to place them in new customer segments for further marketing.
  • Throughout the customer lifecycle, Marketo automatically reacts to changes in customers’ interactions, buying preferences and demographics. Marketo moves your customers to new segments when necessary to ensure that your marketing always remains relevant.
  • Marketo further enhances the success rate of your marketing campaigns by adding personalized product recommendations to your messages. Throughout every campaign, it uses the best email delivery practices to ensure that your messages always end up in your customers’ inboxes rather than their spam folders.

Marketo Communicates Bidirectionally Over Any Channel

Email is one of the most effective marketing channels, but it isn’t the only channel — and customers expect your company to be where they are. Marketo can respond to customer interactions — and deploy your company’s marketing content — on search engines, social media, your website, your mobile app, email and more. If you have a system in place to track customers’ offline purchases in your CRM database, it can even use offline interactions to trigger automated messages or change customers’ marketing segments.

Marketo’s ability to track interactions and communicate with customers over any channel is a major part of what makes it such an effective marketing tool. These are some of the ways in which you can make Marketo’s omnichannel communication work for your company.

  • Have Marketo send an automatic email — or launch an automated campaign — in response to an online purchase, offline purchase or website interaction. If a customer purchases a complex product, for example, you could send a campaign with information designed to improve the customer’s experience with the product and reduce the possibility of a return.
  • Create a marketing segment for inactive customers who haven’t purchased from your company in more than a year. Target the segment with a campaign that re-engages lapsed customers by offering large discounts.
  • Allow prospects to complete web forms using their social network credentials. By limiting the amount of typing necessary to complete a form, you’ll generate more leads. You’ll also have more information about your leads because you’ll know which social networks they use.
  • If your email campaigns have poor open rates among certain customer segments or demographics, reach those people on social media instead. Marketo uses customer profiles to inject your social media campaigns with the same personalized content that your email campaigns enjoy.
  • Link your customer profiles in Marketo with an in-store customer loyalty program. Marketo can use a customer’s purchase history to offer personalized discounts when the customer scans a loyalty card or uses your mobile app during store visits.
  • Use Marketo’s account-based marketing features to personalize the content that employees and decision makers within a target company see when they visit your website.
  • Use Marketo’s content personalization features to add relevant product recommendations to your website, mobile app, email communication, social media marketing and more.

The Greater the Potential Return, the Harder Marketo Works

The Internet provides several options for your company to reach customers and prospects with targeted offers. For example, you can send a personalized email to a customer who adds a product to his cart but fails to complete the purchase. You could target that person with a personalized ad on Facebook. You could even use retargeting to display personalized ads on the other websites that person visits. The harder you work to reach a customer, though, the more the effort will cost. You can only spend so much before the effort to mitigate shopping cart abandonment becomes unprofitable.

Marketo understands that all customers are not the same. Some customers are casual browsers, and others are truly serious about purchasing. Using criteria that you define, Marketo assigns a score to a prospect or customer signifying his or her level of engagement and likelihood of making a purchase. You can even have Marketo take details such as demographics, website interactions and the recency of the last purchase into account when assigning scores to customers. When a customer’s score is above a certain threshold, you can spend a little extra money to reach that person because you’ll know that the investment will pay off — and with Marketo, you can automate the entire process.

Marketo Reaches Customers Where They Are

If your organization has a mobile app, you’re going to love what Marketo can do for your engagement statistics. With mobile apps, it’s ability to interact with customers across channels really shines. Does your company sell products online? Marketo’s customer profiles can track purchases made through your mobile app and your website. Your customers will always see relevant product recommendations — no matter how they choose to shop.

It can also enhance the brick-and-mortar shopping experience. Through your mobile app, you can use Marketo to offer personalized deals to customers who launch your app during store visits. You can even increase the revenue that your company derives from store visits by offering package deals, cross-sells and upsells.

Timing is everything in mobile marketing. To get the best possible results, you need to reach your customers when they’re ready to buy. Using mobile beacons, you can detect when customers enter your stores. Use the beacons to trigger push notifications reminding customers to use your mobile app — and use the app to derive the most possible revenue from every store visit. Using geofencing, you can also target customers with advertisements when they’re near your store. Do you own a coffee shop? Use geofencing to target anyone within a two-mile radius with an advertisement on Facebook featuring a picture of a delicious cappuccino.

Marketo Makes Businesses More Profitable

Marketo is a complete marketing solution that gathers leads, nurtures those leads and measures the results. Since Marketo is at the center of the entire customer journey, it can attribute any sale to the campaign that generated it. It can also tell you exactly how much you’re earning from all of your marketing expenditures. With Marketo, your business will become more profitable because you’ll focus more of your spending on the channels and campaigns that drive revenue growth. You’ll also spend less on channels and campaigns that fail to resonate with your customers. Marketo’s intuitive reporting features make it easy for your company’s marketers to obtain the insights that they need for better decision making without requesting IT support.

Is Your Company Ready to Implement Marketo? TA Digital Can Help.

Although no single article can detail all of the ways in which Marketo can enhance your company’s marketing efforts, we’ve explored many of Marketo’s most exciting features in this article. We encourage you to visit the Marketo website and read more about what Marketo’s powerful marketing automation features can do for your company. If you need help deciding whether Marketo is the right fit for your organization — or you need a digital marketing agency with the skills necessary to implement it for you — contact us now.

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