Understanding JCR Query search results

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When you query the JCR repository using SQL2/Query Builder/XPath query, lucene handles the query in the backend. It orders the query based on a score it calculates. You can print the score using this code snippet


QueryManager qm = jcrSession.getWorkspace().getQueryManager();

String queryString = “SELECT * FROM [cq:PageContent] WHERE ” …..” ;

Query query = qm.createQuery(queryString, Query.JCR_SQL2);

// execute query

QueryResult result = query.execute();

// get column names

String[] columnNames = result.getColumnNames();

// get column rows

RowIterator rowIterator = result.getRows();


// get next row

Row row = rowIterator.nextRow();

// get all values of row

Value[] values = row.getValues();

//print the values. One of the values is jcr_score


The Score is calculated using pretty complex mathematical formula. You can read more about it at http://lucene.apache.org/core/3_6_2/api…ilarity.html

Some more explanation is provided at http://www.lucenetutorial.com/advanced-t…oring.html

Here are some main points:

  • The length of document is number of terms not number of characters
  • The relationship between frequency and length is not linear. It is sqrt(frequency/total terms in document)
  • If your search has more than one term and one of the terms is a common term in the repository, then that common word gets less weightage. For e.g. if your content is for the company Polycom, then term like ‘conference might be a common term. So, when you search for ‘VOIP Conference’, then ‘conference’ would get lower weightage.

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