Top 5 Commonly Made Marketing Automation Mistakes

By Kirsten Oelrich 4 min read

As businesses continue to expand, it becomes impossible to personally be in touch with every customer. That’s why marketing automation has witnessed a rapid adoption in recent years. Today, businesses are using marketing automation software to not just reduce staffing costs and optimize resource utilization but also for the broader tasks such as collecting and analyzing customer data, qualifying leads, and much more.

According to a survey 74% of businesses are saving time, 68% have increased customer engagement, 58% timely connect with their customer, and 33% found marketing automation unsuccessful, as they did not utilize the software properly.

Some businesses don’t take complete advantage of the software; hence problems arise. You need to realize that it’s not just a technology or a software, but a medium or channel used to perform crucial activities for your business, therefore it must be used to its fullest potential.

Here are top 5 marketing automation mistakes you must evade to improve productivity and help drive more conversions:

Not segmenting leads

The marketing content is different for different audiences. You need to collect and organize data with the help of a marketing CRM. You need to pay constant attention to ensure that all the data it gathers is organized in a way that benefits your business’s segmentation model. According to a survey 58% of all revenue is brought by segmented emails, as only 42% of marketers send targeted emails. Segmentation of your leads and opportunities helps in organizing the data based on behavioral information, demographics, and other relevant and critical factors.

Doing this can enhance the customer experience, as it creates a more personalized experience during their customer journey for every single customer. Customers can discern from the content which is sent to everyone, and which is sent personally to them. If a common message is sent, then that is not convincing enough for the potential buyer to continue with the purchase. Hence, you need to individually target the customer with personalized content. There is a high chance of conversion into a customer.

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Not utilizing lead scoring features

According to a survey 30% of businesses find the lead generation process challenging. The most powerful feature of marketing automation software is lead scoring. It shows which leads are most likely to convert to customers. It is based on the metrics acquired by the software, like demographics, social media followers, job title, product page which a lead viewed, and many more. These metrics provide important contexts that can be used to offer a personalized experience by implementing it through omnichannel.

It also helps in filtering out those leads that won’t make it through the funnel. This saves a lot of time for the sales team. Any business model can use the lead scoring feature. You can target leads who make a one-time purchase. You can also target higher-quality leads, but you need to sacrifice on the quantity of your products or services and use the relevant context to make your strategy more effective.

Not having an automation strategy

You need to automate certain tasks within your marketing strategy in stages and not instantly. You need to frequently look at the workflow automation as it limits the number of time-consuming tasks all through the day. In case you are unable to manage automation or if they are not optimized you could face serious issues in the future.

Implement marketing automation in small batches, so that you can ensure it is working as you intend it to. It can be overwhelming if it is done altogether in excess. It will increase the pressure to learn the new system quickly, especially for those using older systems. This will lead to many mistakes.

Not defining a clear marketing strategy

You need to have a concrete marketing strategy for marketing automation to be useful for your business. If your marketing strategy is ineffective, then the leads that you are targeting will not connect with your products or services. There must be something wrong with you content, ads, and email marketing campaigns that leads do not find it appealing. For instance, addressing people incorrectly, sending poor quality or irrelevant ads, typos, incorrect grammar, disrespectful tone, etc., can negatively impact your business.

Always crosscheck the content before sending it. Automation is incapable of fixing the above-mentioned issues. You need to make the changes yourself. If you implement marketing automation without making the corrections, it will worsen the problem, as it will continue doing what you’re already doing. You may have complete control but a limited oversight. Therefore, automation must be monitored at regular intervals and must be done in stages, to ensure the current marketing strategy is functioning at its best.

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Not updating data collection and analysis

Marketing campaigns give you complete access to data on the leads and customers, with this information you can customize the content. There are certain challenges while collecting a lot of data at the right time and analyzing it when needed. The actions from the outcome of the information and data analysis are calculated carefully and give better results than actions which are inaccurate and not backed up by enough research and data. You need to analyze and interpret the data or else you will lose out on relevant information that can help you in designing better marketing campaigns. In case you have collected data and used it at a certain point in time, but not done so recently, you must have access to their latest information as frequently as possible so that you are updated with all the information.

Businesses greatly benefit from marketing automation as it helps you prioritize important tasks and leave the time-consuming tasks for the software to handle it for you. Most people generally treat these automations as rectifying agents for their marketing strategy, which is completely pointless. It just cannot rectify the existing problem; therefore, first it is imperative for you to identify what the problems are.

It is up to you to implement the latest automations gradually and ensure they are up to date, working properly, and you also need to optimize your marketing strategy. Collect data and analyze them regularly, as well as keep up to date with the latest information. You should also focus on the lead segmentation and scoring, which will enhance customer experience and converting the leads.

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