How Will TestLink Optimize Your Testing Workflows?

By Nagesh Kumar 3 min read

Functional software thrives on robust QA, so TestLink makes testing easy

Regardless what kind of software you’re developing, you can’t leave quality assurance to chance. You must conduct rigorous evaluations to ensure that your projects, instances and software components function flawlessly under thousands of distinct use cases. With TestLink, you gain the capacity to implement testing that never lags behind demand.

Get Started With Only a Server and a Database

We designed TestLink for complete ease of use. Once you’ve deployed it to a waiting server with a ready database, the system automatically caters to your authenticated team leaders. QA couldn’t be more straightforward.

Bringing Organization to QA

TestLink works by connecting test requirements and specifications to streamline essential QA processes. The system separates the specs that you provide into Test Cases and Test Suites that make it possible to perform on-demand, discrete evaluations or conduct project-wide unit testing at will.

Build Your Ideal QA Environment

Want to get things done without upsetting your typical process workflows? TestLink lets you organize, flag, run and document tests using a standard web browser.

You can even create and manage multiple accounts and roles for different QA stakeholders. Why should testing be a burden when it’s meant to help your organization flourish?

End-to-end, Comprehensive QA Workflows

Using TestLink is effortless. Unlike other frameworks, you get everything you need to generate valuable results and reports. Once you’ve identified Administrators and Users, you only have to log in via your browser of choice. From there, it’s as easy as designating Test Projects, Plans, Suites, and Cases.

Confirm your choices and project build settings before assigning the tasks that you’ve created to Testers who’ll execute the individual Cases. Then simply wait for the system to send you the resulting reports and graphs. From conceptualization to delegation and execution, TestLink optimizes QA efficiency like nothing else can.

TestLink Extends the Objects That Matter

Thanks to TestLink’s Custom Fields, you can augment critical objects, like Cases, Plans, and Suites. It’s simple to derive new projects and QA tasks from earlier work without retreading old ground.

With TestLink, You Can Take Testing Anywhere

TestLink provides you with the ability to import and export data or results. You can even share complete projects and suites. Whether your QA processes got interrupted because of a server error or an errant business event forced you to shift your focus, you can take it for granted that you’ll be able to pick up right where you left off.

Basic Flow from Test project creation till obtaining reports and graphs

  • Setup TestLink Administrator and Users
  • Login to TestLink
  • Create a Test Project
  • Create a Test Plan
  • Create a Test Suite
  • Create Test Cases
  • Confirm and chose a Build of the Project
  • Add Test Cases to the Test Plan• Assign Test Cases to Testers
  • Testers will Execute Test Cases

TestLink Is a Perfect Fit for Your Development Standards

The TA Digital team has integrated TestLink with proven bug management tools, like Mantis and Jira. It’s also compatible with Bugzilla, FogBugs, Redmine, TRAC and countless other trackers. No matter how you do QA or versioning, this tool can adapt.

TA Digital’s TestLink User Login

The TestLink system matches both requirements and test specifications together; it splits down the test specifications into Test Suites and Test Cases. TestLink can manage multiple user accounts and role assignments. Users can create a test project and document the test cases using the tool. Best of all this can be accomplished by using a web browser.

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Why Haven’t You Switched to TestLink?

No other QA tool makes it possible to complete a migration without having to sweat the details. Gain bold new perspectives on testing.

Talk to a TA Digital specialist about setting up your TestLink implementation today.

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