Overcoming Performance Bugs: How to Test AEM-DAM With Apache JMeter

By Nagesh Kumar 3 min read

As companies graduate from being local enterprises to becoming globalized brands, they must keep their marketing assets from getting lost along the way. Adobe Experience Manager, or AEM, makes this far easier than it once was with its amazing Digital Asset Management, or DAM, feature.

Of course, no campaign oversight solution is totally flawless. Here’s what you should know about achieving the pinnacle of system performance with DAM.

The Pros and Cons of DAM

With AEM-DAM, marketers and publishers store digital assets for future use. They can retrieve these mission-critical materials at will to power campaigns, branding and content experiences.

The problem with this ideal is that users might encounter unavoidable snags. Many common performance-related bugs occur in the areas that marketers want to utilize most. Your DAM setup could potentially exhibit

  • Long site response times,
  • Laggy searches,
  • Slow asset upload and processing actions, and
  • Inconsistent asset downloads.

An Informed Performance-testing Methodology

Asset management, site response, and search are core functionalities for any web platform, so it’s smart to focus on these categories during your performance testing. It’s also important to consider, however, that testing DAM evaluation is markedly different from putting a regular website through its paces. This tool is capable of storing massive assets and performing other resource-intensive applications. You might want to beef up your testing practices to ensure that you’re actually placing the system under noteworthy load.

Of course, this requirement presents challenges of its own. When using freely available tools like Apache JMeter, for example, you may confront major impediments like

  • Heap memory limitations,
  • GUIs becoming unresponsive,
  • Download file size limitations, and
  • Access tokens expiring mid-transaction.

Refining Your Testing Strategy

Fortunately, you can overcome the majority of these problems. Here are some tricks that we commonly use here at TA Digital:

  • When you run out of heap memory or hit the maximum download file size, you can simply reconfigure JMeter to resolve the problems and keep testing.
  • If the GUI insists on freezing, remember that JMeter is a full-featured Java application. Like many other open-source tools, you can run it in headless, or non-GUI, mode from the command line. Knowing your way around the command line is also helpful for conducting distributed server mode testing on remote nodes and overriding properties.
  • Should you encounter a token expiry problem, you can usually deal with it by changing the way your JMeter script responds to tokens it receives from DAM.

The End Result

It’s fairly simple to configure JMeter for efficient DAM testing. After you’ve done so, you’ll be able to highlight performance issues that might cripple your applications in post-production and correct them before your enterprise or public image is on the line. In other words, you’ll heighten the chances of keeping consumers satisfied and make your life much simpler.

Do you need help leveraging DAM or other AEM tools? Ask TA Digital to point you in the right direction.

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