Staying Afloat in Times of Crisis: How Businesses can Use Conversational AI

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The impact of COVID-19 has awakened the world to an uncomfortable reality—no matter how well prepared societies think they are, there’s always a crisis waiting to happen.

Businesses are facing unprecedented times. Just like the bandwidth of global health organizations has been stretched to the limit, corporations too are struggling to be innovative and generate revenue during this time. In these times of crisis, what are the things that businesses can do to simply stay in business? Enterprises can learn a thing or two from the way governments are handling this pandemic.

Several government health organizations have turned to conversational AI as their solution to communicate with the large number of concerned citizens, while making sure they are providing personalized engagements. This has helped them fill the gaps left by the lack of human agents and allow call centers to function at their full potential. The AI-driven virtual assistants at the frontline are helping these government agencies stay afloat.

There is so much businesses too can do with conversational AI, from effectively addressing customer queries in the absence of human agents to driving higher operational efficiency through improved collaboration. But the challenges brought on in the last few months have raised the question as to whether organizations are really equipped to handle a crisis of this magnitude.

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What is Conversational AI?

Conversational AI is a voice assistant like Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, Microsoft Cortana, and Google Virtual Assistant. They engage in human-like conversations, capture context and respond intelligently in a natural way. The most notable impact of conversational AI is in customer service, where chatbots have changed the way customers communicate and interact.

Conversational AI has conventionally been limited to brand-customer interactions, most commonly seen in helping businesses to deliver good conversational experiences to their customers by analyzing their data and providing with delightful conversations, compelling stories and content. However, conversational AI is also used by businesses to improve efficiency and drive productivity. It automates repetitive tasks, saves manpower, and saves time for employees, which has allowed them to utilize their time.

How can it improve business operations?

Most organizations have a vast amount of data; they take a lot of time and effort to organize reports using data visualization tools. Conversational analytics can help businesses standardize data in one system, which is accessible to all. With conversational analytics, businesses can enable data to be more useful, accessible and personalized. This can help business process automation and empower teams by providing minute insights.

To ensure consistency and accuracy of data reporting and insights, AI conversational interface or app needs to be well coded or programmed. This can eliminate misrepresentations, inaccurate conclusions, and erroneous decisions. You can also set up voice assistants to provide intelligent feedback and insights.

What to enhance?

Most of the time, GUI is used to access various charts, reports, and other data visualization graphics to make clear decisions. However, accessing and receiving user-friendly insights from a huge amount of data requires special skills. With conversational analytics, you can directly communicate with the data.

Conversational AI is used to retrieve the right data at the right time and from any location, and also making it easily accessible from the CEO to the marketing manager of the organization. Conversational analytics can empower anyone in your organization to access and leverage data on demand, that too by voice in natural language. This can be very effective and efficient for your business.

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Why conversational AI is the future of business

At present, conversational AI technologies can comprehend what has been asked. If these machines can be trained to understand the query and visualize the data it can be highly beneficial in terms of time, accuracy and mobility. Conversational analytics can help you instantly access the required data by simply asking what you want through voice or text. Accurate data is provided when machines are programmed to select the required data and aggregate, as there are no touchpoints to help prepare and visualize the data. Human errors can be avoided while making reports.

AI-powered conversational analytics is becoming highly beneficial to innumerable businesses worldwide, marking the new age of customer service and interaction. It is getting easily accessible financially as well as technologically. Since it is affordable and provides the best solutions these intelligent assistants are for all businesses- big or small.


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