The Six Top Benefits of Sitecore® Web Experience Manager

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The 6 Top Benefits of Sitecore Web Experience Manager

You can’t deliver enticing web experiences if every user sees the same thing each time they visit your pages. Variety adds flavor that makes your brand fun to interact with and keeps people coming back. Unfortunately, creating unique web experiences demands time, money and work.

Sitecore’s web experience manager might help you cut down on overhead and stick to delivering more engaging journeys. Here are six of the benefits and features that could make your enterprise content management processes more lucrative.

1. Create Content Once, Deploy It Anywhere

This platform streamlines the way you work by letting you use the same content on any platform or multiple sites. For instance, if you create a web page on your desktop, then Sitecore takes care of essential processes, such as serving it to phones, tablets and other devices. It automatically determines the appropriate formats and sizes to ensure that users get to leverage the same functionality regardless how they access your content.

If you’re used to designing multiple versions of each iteration, this is a huge time-saving advantage. Since Sitecore lets you share common content, such as banners, ads and branding elements, across multiple sites, it’s possible to streamline even the most hectic workflows.

2. Create Content Without Code

Not every company is blessed with IT gurus. This is especially true for small businesses and startups, which contrary to popular belief, aren’t all based in Silicon Valley. Since content creation is essential to managing web experiences, however, Sitecore lets you build marketing materials without having to know how to code.

With this platform’s Experience Accelerator, you can use drag-and-drop components to flesh out pages, which heightens development and deployment speed. Even if you’re not afraid to crack open a text editor or IDE and start coding your own sites, being able to fire up a simple graphical tool for some projects can make your life much easier.

3. Customize Your Workflows

Businesses are unique, so it doesn’t make sense that they should try to constrain themselves to tools that don’t match their processes. Many experience management platforms, however, force companies to redefine the way they operate to fit predetermined workflows that make adoption difficult and increase usage costs. With Sitecore, you can customize workflows to accommodate practices like versioning, approvals and governance instead of changing your whole routine.

4. Optimize Without Reworking

How do you know when it’s time to provide a consumer with a distinct experience? Sitecore’s device detection module lets you answer this question without having to add special code to your pages. The platform detects different devices and the dimensions of their screens, so you can provide each audience member with the right targeted marketing materials to match their persona.

Sitecore also lets you preview different device configurations when you’re creating your content, so you can ensure that your site will look the way you intended. In addition, it detects where people are coming from, so you can personalize experiences based on local languages. Or you can use the information to provide custom offers based on the inventory that you have close to the consumer.

5. Personalize as You Go

With Sitecore, you get to personalize experiences in the middle of a session instead of trying to anticipate what consumers might want the next time they visit. In other words, the platform applies your rules to run tests on users while they’re interacting with your pages and gathers knowledge that immediately goes towards improving the quality of their visits. You also get to define rules, workflows and other key journey points that foster more guided experiences, such as using someone’s location, device or time of visit to trigger social media engagement efforts and share promotions.

6. Develop Your Own Solutions

One of the most appealing aspects of Sitecore is its adaptability. It includes an open API that lets you add your own custom components and build new functionalities to suit your development process. Although it supports many native integrations with third-party tools and ERPs, its extensibility gives you the freedom to define how you put your tools to use.

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