Why Should You Take a Close Look At Sitecore Commerce?

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Commerce platforms aren’t exactly rare. Many products promise to deliver conversions and help you capture valuable revenues. As you’ve most likely noticed, however, not every tool is the right fit for the job at hand. When your company’s profitability hangs in the balance, isn’t it worth making the most appropriate possible choice?

Sitecore Commerce has many benefits that might be worth a more detailed examination, especially if you already use the Sitecore Experience Platform. Here’s an unbiased look at why it appeals to so many commerce executives and sales teams.

What Does Sitecore Commerce Have to Offer?

Like any platform, Sitecore has a unique focus: This commerce tool is designed to help you dive right into testing and personalizing the way user experiences play out at all stages of the sales cycle. It also packs some formidable automation capabilities that could make your workload feel significantly lighter.

Lag-free, Gapless Personalization

As we’ve covered countless times before, personalization is one of the modern marketer’s greatest weapons. Making your experiences speak to individual users ensures that they keep coming back for more and helps you gain valuable data about the best techniques for welcoming new prospects. Sitecore has a major advantage because it lets you personalize your responses and content in real time to leverage new information as it becomes available.

Why delay your outreach actions and campaign tweaks at the risk of losing relevance? Sitecore lets you react immediately. The platform optimizes experiences across different channels in real time. It’s possible to cater to your consumers’ precise needs before they add goods to their carts, while they’re checking out and after they complete transactions.

Another interesting aspect of the way Sitecore Commerce personalizes experiences is that it does so for every shopper. Instead of only adapting to users who sign in or explicitly state their preferences, the system crawls through a wealth of data to identify and respond to what people want. To achieve truly gapless personalization, Sitecore Commerce uses an Experience Database to capture a huge range of different insights about your customers, including

  • Who they are,
  • What they search for,
  • How they interact with your page,
  • What kinds of device habits they have,
  • What they add to their carts, and
  • What they actually buy.

By creating Experience Profiles that relate to every aspect of each shopping experience, Sitecore Commerce makes it possible to optimize comprehensively. On top of ensuring that your decisions actually produce results, this keeps you from acting on incomplete data.

Complete Testing and Optimization

Since you’re able to gather data concerning an infinitely broad range of factors, it makes sense that you should be able to tweak just as many parameters. Sitecore Commerce frees you from common testing limitations by letting you modify everything from your pages’ content to typical check out progressions and shipping options.

How do you keep track of which changes produce which effects? The platform automatically performs testing to compare your new and modified experiences with their predecessors and other elements, such as promos and sample content. This robust evaluation helps you contextualize the data that you’re generating and make decisions that reflect a more informed perspective. Although you retain as much control as you desire when it comes to using such data, Commerce helps nudge you in the right direction by offering suggestions related to

  • Segments and audiences that could be ripe for engagement or outreach,
  • Merchandising strategies that you might not have considered,
  • Effective, case-by-case selling and cross-selling opportunities,
  • Potentially rewarding promotion initiatives, and
  • Content and marketing materials.

Ongoing Conversations

Sitecore Commerce lets you add user-generated content, or UGC, to your site at will. When coupled with the actionable insights and suggestions derived from your test results and data analysis, the ability to make your platform feel alive and interactive does more than just help you foster loyalty. Whether you’re adding comments or reviews, you can get a better feel for the dynamics underlying your most lucrative sales cycles and instill your brand with consumer confidence.

Cloud-based Connectivity

Sitecore Commerce makes it easy to deploy your marketing platform using distributed computing environments like Azure or via a native cloud edition. Since you don’t have to worry about configuring Sitecore to get it working seamlessly with the native option, there’s minimal lead time between deployment and development. It’s entirely up to you whether you want to get started in a local cloud implementation or go with a dedicated service provider, which gives you a lot more flexibility than some other solutions do.

Logical Automation and Rule-setting

Automating experience processes is an invaluable aid to companies that don’t have the time to deal with each event individually, but it’s not always easy. For instance, you may know that you want your platform to send someone an email when they abandon their cart, but how long should you wait for them to come back before firing off your message? Should you handle shopping baskets that get abandoned after failed transactions the same way, or will you risk annoying a potential customer who simply experienced trouble with their payment method?

Sitecore Commerce equips you with a sensible decision-making process by including a simple flowchart view. Being able to manage the chain of events in an ordered graphical fashion facilitates smarter planning and helps you design complicated processes that instill your automated customer interactions with a more human touch.

Comprehensive Sales Machinery

This platform’s intelligent automation doesn’t just apply to consumer actions. You can also design rules that handle back-end events, such as products going out of stock or being updated.

Using Sitecore Commerce is an effective way to give your workforce a boost without hiring temps or forcing everyone to pull double duty. It handles a lot of the little details that make for a more exciting shopping experience, such as

  • Letting people search through multiple product catalogs,
  • Processing orders that include physical and digital items,
  • Accepting secure, three-domain payments that incorporate tokenization,
  • Providing individual users with relevant content, including offers, products and access to digital resources, and
  • Translating and localizing offerings for distinct markets.

Total Integration

Has your back-end ERP gotten the best of you too many times? Why keep struggling to tie it to sales processes that it simply wasn’t designed to manage? Just fire up Sitecore Commerce to integrate seamlessly. You can even take advantage of a touch-interface Order Manager that lets your staff make adjustments to individual orders as necessary.

Sitecore Commerce integrates with the world’s biggest shippers and payment processors, so if you’ve already settled on a logistics system that works, you don’t have to give it up. Naturally, Sitecore Commerce has native integration for Sitecore XP, but unlike some solutions, this layer doesn’t limit you to working with Sitecore products: You can also use it with other commerce implementations, such as Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail.

Is Sitecore Commerce the Best Platform for Your Sales Workflow?

Compared to other platforms, Sitecore Commerce is a viable solution that has a lot going for it. Of course, this doesn’t make it a cure-all for every sales woe that ails you, but the fact that you can get up and running at blinding speed to take advantage of its many strengths is a major advantage.

The key takeaway to remember is that Sitecore Commerce is all about contextualizing your actions. Instead of having to cross your fingers in the hopes that your campaign modifications will match the situation at hand, you can count on this platform to operate behind the scenes without rest. It’s a great tool for making your commerce process modifications more relevant to the individuals who interact with your brand.

Sitecore Commerce carries a lot of potential, especially for those seeking the ultimate omnichannel retail engine. Of course, power without direction isn’t particularly useful, and in some cases, it can actually be harmful. Don’t let the reins slip from your hands when you’re so close to achieving digital commerce perfection. Ask a TA Digital consultant how Sitecore Commerce might mesh with your ERP or e-commerce strategy today.

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