The 7-Point Checklist to Crush your Holiday Marketing Goals

By Kirsten Oelrich 4 min read

Holiday season is finally here. Stores and websites are lit up and there so many offers available both online and in brick and mortar stores. This is the time of the year when customers shop in advance or last minute or even just before the holiday season comes to an end. Marketers have gone big in past several weeks. They have already planned for the year end marketing campaign. It can also be stressful for them as they have so much to do, so many ideas to execute, but not enough time to do so. They are targeting both early shoppers and last-minute shoppers this time.

According to a survey, online sales have gone up by 15%, online sale through mobile devices is 40%, 47% of shoppers don’t want to pay for shipping, 46% of customers want to touch and feel a product before purchasing, 42% of customers look to buy online and pick up from the store, 37% of customers want the option to return items, 22% of customers start their holiday shopping in October, 31% of customers shop at the last minute, and 12% towards the end of the holiday season. To help steer your business in the right direction here are some strategies that can help you this holiday season.

1. Maximize your reach, engagement, and results by using video

If you have not yet integrated video into your content marketing strategy, it is about time you do so. You are not late, you still have time.  Social platforms have embraced video content and it now receives more reach, engagement and conversions than any other type of content. Millions of people worldwide watch videos on these social platforms and react to them, visit the social page, then visit the official website. Investing in videos can build brand awareness, drive leads and more sales. Ultimately it can help your business grow like never before.

2. Invest in paid promotion

To reach a new and larger audience you need to invest in paid promotions. You can expand your reach by targeting broad consumer segments that match the demographics or interests of your existing customers. It helps you to segment and target certain people you want to reach. It will also help in driving more revenue and conversions. It’s not too late, as it’s not that difficult. It will only take a few hours to set up. You can quickly learn the basics of running a paid campaign. You can even test it and optimize it periodically.

3. Partnership and special offers can do wonders

This holiday season many brands have partnered up to share their holiday joy. You need to collaborate with other brands to make it big this season. Partner with other companies to cross promote each other’s content. This will help grow both your audiences. You can also offer discounts, deals, or products to other company’s followers.

4. Organize contests or giveaways to boosts reach and engagement

Take your campaign to the next level by organizing contests. People love freebies and participating in contests. Holiday giveaways are trending this season. This will help drive engagement and will enhance your holiday videos and it will go viral within minutes. This will boost your brand’s awareness and goodwill.

5. Create engaging content

You need to engage your customers with new and exciting content. This will boost your visibility and engagement. Many brands merge contents from other relevant sources to share links and videos with customers and followers. If you do it right, it only takes a few hours. Social platforms are an asset, as they can boost your visibility. The audience loves sharing great content.

6. Use customer stories to reach and engage

Stories have been passed on for centuries, and customers love a good story during the holidays. They need reasons to celebrate, and this is the right season. You can get holiday stories (experiences with your products or services) from your existing clients that have transformed their lives and made them happy. You can share these stories on the social platform. This interaction with your clients adds a personal touch to your campaign.

7. Click Through Rate (CTR) is high on weekends

People are constantly browsing for gifts, special discounts and sales this holiday season. Remember Holiday season is not over yet. There are few more weeks more left. According to data, CTR is high throughout the season, especially during the weekends. Amplify your campaigns over the weekends in addition to the weekdays. Weekends are the only time working people have time to shop for their families and friends. Target people before the weekend arrives and get ready for the weekend rush.

Remember it is not too late to integrate these strategies to your current plan. You need to do the best before the season is over. After all customer service and satisfaction are key to good marketing this wonderful season.

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