How SAP HCM Simplifies Human Resources

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Is your organization ready to move past traditional human resources and think in terms of Human Capital Management instead? HCM represents a new way of thinking about human resources by linking it more closely with the company’s overall vision and goals. HCM brings greater flexibility to employee management, enhances the organization’s ability to comply with employment laws, increases the ability to move resources when needed, fosters employee happiness and helps your company identify people ready for promotion.

What Is SAP Human Capital Management?

Your organization’s employees are its most important resources. SAP HCM helps you get the most out of them by aligning employee skills and tasks with company goals. SAP HCM also helps you retain your top talent by giving you the information that you need to determine the best role and compensation for each employee. With SAP HCM, you’ll gain deeper insights into the contributions that your employees make. You’ll enjoy greater flexibility in management and an improved ability to identify and keep your most valuable personnel.SAP HCM brings greater simplicity, flexibility, and automation to every aspect of your organization’s human resources activities:

  • Finding new employees
  • Placing employees in the ideal departments
  • Developing employees and improving their skills
  • Keeping your most valuable employees

SAP HCM scales to meet the human resources requirements of very large and multinational corporations. It also provides instant access to the information that you need to make decisions about employees and assign resources to the ideal departments and projects. The people in your organization will also love what SAP HCM can do to enhance employee collaboration, self-reliance, and career development.


What Are SAP HCM’s Core Functions?

You can implement SAP HCM on an in-house server or in the cloud. It can manage all of your organization’s core HR functions:

  • Employee attendance monitoring, hour tracking, and payroll processing
  • Employee skill tracking
  • Planning for future workforce needs
  • Workforce analytics

How SAP HCM Simplifies Human Resources

The people in your company’s human resources department will love working with SAP HCM. SAP HCM gives HR workers instant access to the tools that they need to manage resource allocation, employee development, and payroll. It also relieves some of the common pressures that HR workers face by giving you the ability to create an online portal for employee self-service. Since SAP HCM features role-based access, employees only have access to the features required for their jobs. With mobile access, employees can even utilize the features of SAP HCM when they’re away from the office. SAP HCM simplifies compensation and reimbursement for traveling employees by allowing them to report their expenses and work performed in real time.

SAP HCM: Features in Detail

Resource Management

SAP HCM’s resource management function gives you a high-level view of your organization’s entire workforce. You can see everything that you have at a glance, or you can drill down into individual employee profiles to see:

  • Compensation
  • Skill development
  • Manager evaluations

SAP HCM can also power your organization’s recruitment initiatives and succession plans.

Resource Planning

The resource planning function of SAP HCM helps you ensure that you always have the right employees in place for any project exactly when you need them. Plan your organization’s projects from within SAP HCM, and perform a comprehensive search of your workforce to immediately identify the right person for each role.

Attendance and Time Management

SAP HCM integrates with your organization’s time tracking system to automatically record employee hours worked and process payroll. It also gives you the ability to easily identify employees with attendance issues. Use SAP HCM’s projections to schedule employees intelligently and ensure that you always have the resources in place to meet present and future demands.

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