Salesforce Lightning Communities

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Salesforce Lightning is a complete functional and visual overhaul that gives the entire Salesforce software suite a new, modern user experience. If you like the fact that mobile software design trends have given birth to user interfaces that are easier to use and convey more information with less screen space, you’ll love the new mobile-first design of Salesforce Lightning.

Lightning greatly simplifies the experience of using Salesforce software, so getting employees up to speed with the new interface is a snap. Lightning also increases efficiency by reducing the number of clicks required to access information. Lightning even makes it possible to create customized interfaces for the different departments within your organization using drag-and-drop components.

Nowhere are the benefits of Salesforce Lightning more evident than in the Salesforce Community Cloud.

Salesforce Lightning Communities

Lightning for Salesforce Community Cloud

If your company uses Salesforce Community Cloud, you’ll love the improvements that Lightning makes to the legacy community templates and Visualforce framework. Those improvements include:

Mobile-First Design:Community Builder:Lightning Bolt Templates:Lightning Components:Community Management Console:AppExchange:Standardized Design Framework:

  • Mobile-First Design: Ensures that your company’s brand message remains consistent whether your content is viewed on a PC, tablet or smartphone.
  • Community Builder: Bring your Salesforce community to life more quickly with built-in templates, pages and other building blocks. Use the WYSIWYG editor to see a live preview as you drag and drop components.
  • Lightning Bolt Templates: Don’t have the time to build a new community from scratch? Lightning Bolt templates are pre-made themes created by Salesforce and other top designers. When Salesforce releases this feature, templates will be available for a variety of audience types, industry verticals and use cases.
  • Lightning Components: Lightning Components are drag-and-drop widgets and applets that add functionality to Salesforce communities. One Lightning Component, for example, gives users the ability to embed files from
  • Community Management Console: Manage your community from a single interface that allows you to moderate content, approve new user applications and view analytics.
  • AppExchange: Find new Lightning Bolt templates and Lightning Components through a user-friendly interface reminiscent of the Apple App Store.

Standardized Design Framework: Using the new Lightning Design System, it’s easy for your company’s developers to design a community with a customized user experience

Why Should You Use Lightning Rather Than VisualForce?

Lightning Benefits Your Company Financially

Are you having trouble deciding between Lightning and VisualForce? These are a few of the reasons why choosing Lightning can have a tremendous impact on your company’s bottom line.

Reduces Design, Development and Deployment Time

Lightning communities align well with the existing technological landscape, scale readily and demonstrate high data integrity. We have found that transitioning from VisualForce to Lightning greatly reduces the long-term maintenance cost of a community.

Reduces Long-Term Ownership Costs

Lightning gives users plenty of options for self-service. When users require additional support, they can get help quickly since Lightning communicates with the existing Salesforce infrastructure. Support staff have access to more user information without reliance on IT.

Meets Users’ Needs More Effectively

Lightning gives users plenty of options for self service. When users require additional support, they can get help quickly since Lightning communicates with the existing Salesforce infrastructure. Support staff have access to more user information without reliance on IT.

Balances Flexibility and Out-of-the-Box Readiness

Out of the box, the Lightning Community Builder is ready to serve the needs of the modern mobile user landscape. Although Lightning can bring a new community to life without any custom code, you’ll find plenty of flexibility if you do want to create a customized user experience.

Incurs No Additional Licensing Fees

If you’re currently using a legacy Salesforce customer or partner portal and have a community license, you already have access to Lightning without paying additional licensing fees.

Has a Strong Development Roadmap

Salesforce views the Community Cloud product as a tremendous potential source of future growth. Salesforce is therefore investing heavily in its development. The new features that Salesforce releases for the Community Cloud will eventually find their way into other Salesforce products.

6 Reasons Lightning Is Better for Developers and Administrators

Lightning isn’t just the better choice for ROI — it is also the better choice for the people who build and manage your Salesforce Community environment. Here are just a few reasons why:

1. Drag-and-Drop Development

With drag-and-drop components and a WYSIWYG editor, Lightning reduces community development time and expenses.

2. Better User Experience

With Lightning, Salesforce communities look better then ever — just like modern web apps.

3. Mobile First

Lightning fully embraces the fact that the web now belongs to mobile users.

4. Pre-Configured Templates

With Lightning Bolt Templates, it’s likely that you can find an existing community design that’s a good fit for your business.

5. Lightning Components

With pre-built components, you can add functionality to a Lightning-based Salesforce community without incurring extra development expenses.

6. Native Salesforce Integration

You can integrate a Salesforce community with the other components of the Salesforce ecosystem to enhance your company’s sales, marketing, service and data collection efforts. Learn more about our expertise in Implementing CRM Systems.

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