Salesforce CRM for the Manufacturing Industry

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Manufacturers and Distributors across the world are utilizing Customer Relationship Management tools like Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Salesforce in unique ways to achieve amazing results. From complex tasks like opportunity and sample request management, and equipment tracking to operational chores such as call plans, trip reports, and trial management, manufacturing and distribution companies look to CRM to create efficient solutions to grow their businesses and provide an improved customer experience.

4 reasons why CRM is important

  • CRM enables the transformation of people, process, and technology required to become a customer-centric organization.
  • CRM is not just a software that allows for the recording of customer interactions and accurate histories. It also helps share knowledge across departments within a company.
  • CRM is not a product. It is not even a suite of products. CRM is a business philosophy that touches upon many independent parts of the organization. CRM addresses the Sales, Marketing, and Services activities of the organization.
  • CRM helps manufacturers in several ways when it comes to managing their channel relationships.

Why is Salesforce the best fit for the Manufacturing Industry?

When evaluating options for CRM solutions for the manufacturing sector, not just any CRM is enough. To address the nature and complexity of the manufacturing industry, you need a powerful technology like Salesforce. But what differentiates Salesforce from others? Here are some key reasons:

Excellent Customer Experience

Every organization aspires to give its customers a royal treatment. Imagine how much time is wasted in just searching for the correct answer to what may be, a simple question from your customer. Salesforce helps you manage critical information like warranty or service issues to assist you with day to day service calls and inquiries.

Boosting Sales

Your biggest goal is to increase your sales. Salesforce helps you capture vital data and provide useful insights to boost sales

Expansion to new Horizons

Even though a bulk of your orders may continue coming from your existing customers or your best-selling product, it is always a good strategy to expand to new clients, products and geographies. Salesforce can help you track the selling process and make the team more organized and focused, and this is bound to show results in a new initiative.

Improved Planning and Productivity

Salesforce comes with an easy to use interface, which makes it easier to drive user adoption. The system also helps to eliminate duplicate and manual entries, which saves valuable time and improves productivity.

3 ways Traditional Manufacturers Use Salesforce

Many companies talk about a customer revolution, it means knowing your customers, listening to your customers or in many cases listening to their devices (see the Internet of things), and engaging in a closer 1 to 1 relationship that was not previously possible.


Look at why you are winning or losing customers. What are customers saying about you in social media. How, where, and how regularly are you engaging your customers? Where do you need to apply technology to achieve a closer connection with your customers?

Customer Delight

Salesforce comes with an easy to use interface, which makes it easier to drive user adoption. The system also helps to eliminate duplicate and manual entries, which saves valuable time and improves productivity.

Partner/ Indirect Channels Management

Many manufacturers sell through networks of partners and not direct to the public. Relying on indirect channels to sell on your behalf means manufacturers need to stay close to their partners; they need to do all the following:

  • Collaborate
  • Communicate
  • Educate
  • Support
  • Reward

Provide a Partner Community using Salesforce Communities to give your partners a collaborative environment where they are supported, listened to, and where they can easily transact business with you since you are using a single solution.

Application Consolidation & Modernization

CIOs clearly want to rationalize their application and platform portfolio.

  • Out of the box products like Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Marketing Cloud
  • The mobile capabilities of Salesforce1
  • 3rd party AppExchange applications
  • The platform integration to connect backend systems

The beauty is that is that it’s one platform, one data model, one set of users, and one set of profiles on top of a powerful set of capabilities.

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