How Working With a Poor CMS, or No CMS, Limits Your Company’s Digital Marketing Efforts

By Krishna Prasad 4 min read

Every day, new digital marketing options open up to your company — and every marketing channel demands a constant supply of fresh content. Your organization needs a content management system that makes content creation easy and distributes content over any channel — including channels that you haven’t discovered yet. A seamless content management system is one that empowers you with a production workflow that flows naturally from creation to deployment, marketing, and analytics. Unless you have a CMS that meets your needs, though, your organization will fail to achieve the ideal content production workflow.

Is your company having trouble achieving a smooth online marketing workflow? It’s likely that one of these limiting factors is the root cause.

1. Your Company Doesn’t Have a Content Management System

If you’d like to launch a widespread digital marketing effort, there is no better place to begin than on your own website. Without a CMS, though, you have a static website that requires input from your web developers every time you publish or update content. A major content marketing campaign requires blog posts, informational articles, and landing pages. Publishing a large volume of content doesn’t have to be a major understanding if you have a good team of content creators. If you need to work with web developers and IT staff to get every website update published, though, you’ll encounter bottlenecks that hamper your efforts. A content management system eliminates the need for outside help by allowing content creators to publish content directly to the website using an interface that’s familiar and comfortable.

2. You Have a Content Management System With an Overly Complex Interface

Businesses today expect their content management systems to do more than ever. Your CMS can operate as the hub of your online marketing efforts. If the interface is too complex for content creators to use, though, the content management system won’t actually reduce the amount of time required to deploy content. We believe that providing a smooth process for content creation and deployment is the primary purpose of any content management system. To make things easier for content creators, we create templates for blog posts, landing pages and other types of content. Content creators can simply add their own text and images to the pre-defined areas. Changing the website’s appearance or launching a new content marketing initiative is as simple as building a new template or modifying an existing one.

3. The Rigid Architecture of Your CMS Makes Integration Difficult

Your content management system can only be the hub of your digital marketing efforts if it can integrate with your analytics platform, marketing automation software, inventory management database and other digital solutions. You need your content management system to deliver content to your website, your email campaigns, your mobile app and more — and you want to use your analytics platform to track every interaction with your content. Having the ability to integrate with third-party solutions is why it’s so important to use a content management system with a flexible architecture based on a well-documented programming language. Because people so often interact with companies over multiple channels before becoming customers, it isn’t efficient to have multiple silos for all of your customer touch points. When a potential customer moves from one channel to another, the lack of integration means that you’ll lose the interaction data that could have made your marketing efforts more effective.

4. Your Company Is Large and Has Inconsistent Business Processes

For a company that’s very large and has offices throughout the world — each with their own tools and technologies — it can be difficult to create a consistent plan for online marketing. When we work with multinational corporations, we find that it is imperative to establish a unified approach with a common set of online marketing tools. Working under a unified technological umbrella can help all of a company’s business units achieve their own marketing goals. Choosing the right content management system helps a multinational corporation present a consistent experience to customers in any region. A content management system with a flexible, open architecture also makes it easy for your company’s distinct business units to incorporate their third-party tools and maintain their established workflows.

How the Right Content Management System Enhances Your Online Marketing Efforts

If any of the above scenarios fit your organization, your company’s lack of a content management system — or lack of the right content management system — hampers your ability to establish and grow your global brand. A content management system shouldn’t prevent you from bringing your digital ambition to fruition — it should accelerate your endeavors.

The right content management system enhances your online marketing efforts by:

  • Helping you establish a consistent brand identity in all of the regions in which you operate
  • Integrating with all of your third-party tools to give you greater reach and improved business intelligence
  • Giving your content creators the freedom to build, write, experiment and evangelize your brand without relying on IT personnel to facilitate every website update
  • Giving your content creators a natural, intuitive interface that facilitates fast content creation and swift deployment of large campaigns
  • Ensuring that your company can reach any marketing channel with its content — including channels that may not exist yet

Upgrade Your Content Management System Now

At TA Digital, we’ve spent nearly two decades helping companies like yours harness the latest online marketing technologies to stimulate rapid growth. In today’s online marketing climate, we find that a great content management system is the most important digital tool that any company can possess. The right content management system helps your company reach potential customers where they are. It allows your company to present consistent branded experiences over any channel and to remain agile in the face of changing market conditions. If your current content management system — or lack of a content management system — is holding your company back, contact us now to learn more about how we can help.

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