Join us for Personalization for The Masses at the 2018 Sitecore Symposium in Orlando

By Ed Kapuscinski 2 min read

The built-in personalization features are one of the factors that makes Sitecore the market leading web content management system it is.

Sadly, many Sitecore customers don’t take advantage of this feature set for one reason or another. Usually it’s some variation of running out of steam during their initial implementation and not knowing where to start. I want to help with that.

Sitecore Symposium

Usually I do this in projects, but when the opportunity to present at Sitecore Symposium came up a few years back I knew it’d be the perfect venue to talk to a wide range of Sitecore customers and give them some ideas about how to do just that.

That was how my presentation “Personalization for the Masses” was born. In it, I walk through the general theory of how Sitecore performs its lauded personalization and then dig into the details of how to actually do it.

Sitecore Symposium Presentation

It’s not a live demo, but it is a thorough walkthrough that shows everything that needs to be done to develop (through a point and click interface reminiscent of Microsoft Outlook) and apply personalization rules to content.

In this presentation, you’ll learn

  • Why you want to personalize content on your website.
  • The small list of prerequisites for using Sitecore personalization.
  • How to identify places on a website that are good candidates for personalization.
  • How to use the interfaces Sitecore provides to personalize the display and content of pages.
  • The most commonly used personalization rules that Sitecore provides out of the box and how to use them.

If you’re going to be at Sitecore Symposium this year and you’ve never personalized content on a website you’ll definitely want to attend. The presentation will be part of the Getting Started track and will be at 10:00 on Wednesday in the Dolphin, Northern Hemisphere Room A1.

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