Microsoft Dynamics CRM for the Distribution Industry

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If your company is in the distribution industry, it’s likely that you find customer relationships difficult to manage. If your company deals in oil and gas, power, water, fast-moving consumer goods or building materials, you have a complex web of relationships with suppliers, wholesalers, shipping companies, retailers and buyers. Your company needs a better way to manage those relationships. A customized Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution from TA Digital can provide the enhanced relationship management ability that your company requires

Why Your Distribution Company Needs a CRM

TA Digital’s Microsoft Dynamics CRM for the distribution industry enhances the effectiveness and efficiency of your company’s sales, marketing and customer service efforts. Whether you distribute goods to dealers, retailers or directly to end consumers, you’ll achieve better results by maintaining customer loyalty and delivering on your company’s promises.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM consists of three modules:

  • Sales
  • Services
  • Marketing

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Improves Customer Service

Within its 360-degree customer profiles, Microsoft Dynamics CRM has the ability to track all inbound customer inquiries from inception to resolution. Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows your customer service agents to view all open cases, document any troubleshooting steps taken and escalate tickets to higher support levels. Since Dynamics CRM provides an easy way to view all outstanding customer issues, it encourages faster resolutions and prevents customers from being lost in the shuffle. Using it, you’ll provide your customers with better service and earn increased loyalty and satisfaction as a result.

TA Digital’s customized Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution for the distribution industry is a cloud-based application, so your company’s people can access it from anywhere. Employees in your call center, service outlets, warehouses and main office — along with all field representatives — can log in to the CRM and view customer inquiries.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Improves Customer Insight

Your distribution company may maintain relationships with wholesalers, retailers, dealers and end users, and all of those groups have different expectations. Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps you manage the expectations of different customer groups by tracking their behavior and buying preferences. In one place, you’ll have all of the information that you need including order history, delivery preferences and locations. Dynamics CRM also provides an easy way to segment your marketing efforts for different types of customers such as direct buyers and web-based buyers.

MS Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Reduces the Need for Manual Processes

If your organization is like most distribution companies, it’s likely that you still rely on manual and paper-based processes for tasks such as order tracking, inventory tracking and supply chain management. Standard data processing solutions such as spreadsheets can be inconsistent and problematic — especially when multiple versions of the same document may exist. Microsoft Dynamics CRM can automatically track the data that you currently track using manual means.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integrates With Existing Solutions

If your company has already adopted digital solutions for tasks such as Enterprise Resource Planning and Content Management, you don’t need to abandon those solutions to adopt Microsoft Dynamics CRM. You can integrate those solutions with Dynamics CRM to add data points to your customer profiles. An integrated digital ecosystem helps to prevent duplicated work. It also enhances your company’s order fulfillment and digital marketing efforts.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Enhances Sales Results

Microsoft Dynamics CRM improves the sales process by giving your salespeople greater access to customer insights. With the 360-degree customer profiles in Dynamics, your salespeople will know more about the interests and previous interactions of prospects before initiating contact. Dynamics CRM also gives your salespeople access to accurate forecasts, revenue projections, closing dates and other valuable information. It also helps salespeople identify potential areas for improvement.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Is the Core of an Agile, Competitive Distribution Business

A Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution from TA Digital gives your distribution company a single solution to many different problems. You’ll avoid the lack of communication that often occurs within a company that has different departments collecting data in separate silos. With a single database collecting all customer data, you’ll see marketing, sales and support information in one place. You’ll also have a database that automatically discerns between leads, existing customers, business partners and other contact types.

In any business, the primary key to success is in finding ways to serve your customers better. With TA Digital’s Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution, you’ll do exactly that because you’ll know more about your customers and prospects. You’ll also do a better job of handling support requests and ensuring that you always have the products your customers want when they want them. Learn more about our expertise in Implementing CRM Systems.

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