Microsoft Dynamics AX (formerly Axapta) Overview

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Created initially as a collaboration between IBM and Danish software developer Damgaard Data, Axapta became Microsoft Dynamics AX after Microsoft acquired the product in 2002. Today, Microsoft Dynamics AX is the ideal enterprise resource planning solution for medium to large corporations. If the personnel in your growing corporation are already familiar with Microsoft Dynamics platform, they’re going to love working with Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Microsoft Dynamics AX provides comprehensive reports and dashboards detailing the financial status of your organization. Dynamics AX also helps you manage assets, product sourcing, customer relationship management and more. Dynamics AX ensures that your company adheres to the processes it defines while providing the data that you need to make intelligent decisions and drive future growth.


What Companies Should Use Microsoft Dynamics AX?

Microsoft Dynamics AX is ideal for large and multinational corporations. It supports multiple languages and can track the finances of organizations with incomes, expenditures, and accounts in multiple currencies. In all, Microsoft has localized the Dynamics AX platform for more than 36 nations around the world. It can provide the financial human resources backbone for a company with employees in offices scattered around the world. It also provides industry-specific features for different types of companies including businesses in the finance, retail, service, manufacturing and public works industries.

Why Use Microsoft Dynamics AX?

  • It’s the ideal solution for real-time collaborative resource management within an organization that spans across nations and time zones.
  • It facilitates the creation of efficient processes for doing business with customers and partners anywhere in the world.
  • It collects all of your organization’s financial information in one place to provide detailed high-level reporting and insights that drive better business decisions.
  • The cost to implement and maintain it is extremely low.
  • It provides accounting models for most common business types, enabling your organization to get up and running quickly. It also provides for easy customization of accounting models so you can tailor the platform to the needs of your business.

Microsoft Dynamics AX is one part of a large ecosystem of products designed to make businesses more efficient and profitable. Dynamics AX integrates easily with other Microsoft products such as Windows, Office, SharePoint, SQL Server and BizTalk Server. Utilizing the full Microsoft ecosystem enables your organization to combine finances with website analytics, marketing, human resources, supply chain management, customer relationship management and more.


Manufacturing Companies

Microsoft Dynamics AX includes specific enhancements designed to suit the needs of manufacturing companies. Its built-in forecasting models help your company stay on top of its raw materials stocks while manufacturing products just in time to meet customer demand. Whether you’re building products as they’re ordered or building to meet projected demand, Microsoft Dynamics AX can provide the data that keeps your supply chain moving.

Multinational Corporations

Selling products in multiple regions means that your business has to accept many currencies and comply with a variety of different commerce laws. It may also mean that you have many users around the world who need to access your ERP platform in their native languages. Microsoft Dynamics AX supports more than 30 languages and currencies, and it has the performance to handle extremely high traffic. It can manage the financial complexities of a business that has many different currencies simultaneously flowing in and out.

Complex Business Structures

A large corporation may have multiple offices or subsidiaries doing business around the world. It may do business with many different suppliers and partners, and it may have many employees who need access to financial records and forecasts. Microsoft Dynamics AX makes it easy to customize access levels for users around the world. For security and compliance, it also provides a detailed audit trail of every action performed.

Developer Freedom

Although Microsoft Dynamics AX includes the basic financial framework necessary to power many different types of businesses, a large corporation typically has a unique business structure that’s taken many years to build. If your developers need to customize your Dynamics AX environment, they can do so easily using MorphX. MorphX provides developers an intuitive environment in which they can create, stage and deploy new designs. MorphX also provides a debugging environment for correcting problems as they appear.

What Microsoft Dynamics AX Brings to Your Company

  • A familiar experience. Your people already use Microsoft software every day. Microsoft Dynamics AX gives them the familiar Microsoft experience that allows them to become productive quickly.
  • A streamlined interface that automatically displays the functions needed for the user’s role.
  • Detailed reports and real-time dashboards that your employees can view from within Dynamics AX or through other Microsoft products such as Excel and PerformancePoint Server.
  • Collaborative tools that bring your company’s employees and partners together — no matter where in the world they are.
  • A highly scalable ERP solution that supports virtually infinite customization, grows with your business and scales across nations, currencies, and languages. Microsoft Dynamics AX also helps you comply with the laws for all of the regions in which your business operates.
  • Automatic billing and purchase order creation to ensure that your supply chain never stops moving.
  • An intuitive development environment that allows you to quickly create and deploy new business processes when they’re needed.
  • An extensible ERP solution capable of supporting third-party modules for even greater functionality.
  • A customizable package that allows you to buy only the features that you need now — and upgrade later as your organization grows.
  • Full implementation support with the help of Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step.
  • A multinational ERP solution that’s ready to help your company do business in more than 36 nations.
  • A solution that enables consistency in business processes — even if your company has multiple offices around the world.
  • Integration with Microsoft’s data analysis tools to enable better business decisions. The integration features of Microsoft Dynamics AX also make it possible for people to interact with Dynamics AX from within other Microsoft applications such as SharePoint Server and PerformancePoint Server.
  • An ERP solution that makes compliance easy with an audit trail tracking every action and a compliance center that provides full managerial control.
  • A greener supply chain process with an ERP built from the ground up with environmental stewardship in mind.
  • A secure ERP backed by the expertise of Microsoft.

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