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How SAP Commerce Cloud Is Redefining Image Manipulation

As a website owner, you have to contend with a massive amount of maintenance. If all goes well, your consumers will never see the mountain of work that you perform in the background. Nonetheless, these tasks are critical to ensuring that users have great experiences with your brand. Unfortunately, even the smallest oversights can stop your web presence from reaching its true potential.

Although image manipulation is a deceptively simple concept, it could be the lynchpin in your big marketing dreams. Here’s how TA Digital partners like SAP Commerce Cloud are moving the state of affairs forward.

The Well-known Need for Content Manipulation

Image resizing has long been a fact of life on the web. In addition to choosing appropriate visual content that fits within your standard site layout, you must also accommodate different device sizes.

Sure, modern browsers can automatically accomplish some of the scaling and image manipulation needed to depict your site properly. If you just left all of the resizing work to the user’s software, however, you’d bog down their web experience with lengthy loading delays. You’d also have a harder time ensuring that their visits were consistent from one device to the next.

The Problems With Traditional Solutions

Typical websites may include hundreds of distinct image assets. When you’re dealing with high-functioning platforms, like branded e-commerce sites, this number can quickly climb into the thousands. If you consider the fact that you may need to provide separate versions for the majority of your image content, it’s easy to see how gargantuan of a task resizing is.

So how do site owners usually tackle the challenge? There are two well-established methodologies:

Code Libraries

Are you comfortable with rolling up your sleeves and delving into some entry-level programming? Then you might appreciate code libraries like ImgscalrThumbnailatorCroppie or CxImage. These share-and-share-alike code repositories give you ample freedom to manage how you resize images in large batches.

If you’re not already a programmer, however, you’ll probably have difficulty getting started with third-party code. No matter what your skill level is, you’ll have to invest time into making these libraries work the way you’d prefer.


Using image manipulation apps is another common tactic. ImageMagickFotosizer, the web-based sizzlepig and other apps provide resizing and editing functionality within dedicated workflows.

Unfortunately, third-party software isn’t always stable or consistent. These utilities also add to your site maintenance costs, and the additional steps they require can bloat your once-sleek publication process.

End-to-end Services: A Third Contender?

Working with a comprehensive content management service delivers the best of both worlds. For instance, platforms like SAP Commerce Cloud’ YaaS micro services ecosystem incorporate app-like cropping and resizing functionality out of the box, but they offer a finer degree of library-style control. Since YaaS caters to the content design and upkeep workflow as a whole, it’s also easier to integrate into your publication processes.

What do you stand to gain by migrating to an end-to-end content management solution? For one thing, you’ll save money by becoming far more productive. Tools that automate the publication process and handle everyday tasks like image scaling make it simpler to publish unique content and keep your branding flexible without diverting your focus from your primary mission.

The right platforms make all the difference when you’re trying to send a message to consumers. This is especially true if your web presence fulfills a functional role, like acting as a shopping venue.

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