How Your Marketing Automation Team Can Benefit from Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence is a big part of the world we live in. If you have a digital presence, AI is already impacting your daily life in ways you can’t imagine. Applied AI has made its way into applications such as Facebook, Amazon, and Netflix, and is profoundly influencing our choices in real-time.

For marketers, that would probably sound familiar. Marketing to audiences across demographics at the click of a button is a modern-day marketer’s dream come true. Whether you’re at the marketing end of the spectrum or simply a consumer, the effectiveness of an AI-powered digital marketing campaign is well known. The statistics tell the story.

According to research, AI enables marketers to increase sales by 52%, and their usage of AI will increase by 155% by 2021. Further, 22% of marketers are presently using AI-based applications, while 57% are planning to use it soon. 82% of marketing leaders have adopted AI as it has improved customer experience, timing, and delivery of content, and other relevant experiences. AI is enabling 41% of marketers to generate higher revenues from email marketing.

Imagine – if all the work that goes behind identifying the right prospects, creating targeted messages, segmenting audiences, and scheduling the releases could be simplified to a few clicks. How effective would your marketing become if the most time-consuming parts of your campaign creation process could be driven without human intervention! That’s the power that Artificial Intelligence can bring into Marketing Automation.

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AI can help you build a winning content strategy

Your content is a fuel that drives your campaigns. While your marketing automation platform provides you with a basic level of content generation, how can you use it to draft and deliver messages that are tailored to audiences across geographies? Artificial Intelligence provides you with the capability to develop and craft your content as per audience segments. Artificial Intelligence gathers and analyzes data of each individual customer and helps you plan, personalize, optimize, promote, measure and analyze content. AI can also determine the right type and amount of data that is specifically needed by you for creating the best content strategy.

AI can help you segment and target your audience

Artificial Intelligence can help you understand who your customers are. AI provides you the capability to segment your customers based on their online activity, purchase history, and various other metrics. This gives you the power to target your audience based on their buyer personas and push messages that are more personalized, targeted, and relevant. Intelligent analysis of data from social media marketing, ad content, email marketing, and search engine optimization can all be processed with the power of AI.

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AI can help you select the most effective and relevant visuals

AI-driven analytics tools enable you to select and include the most effective and relevant visuals for your messages. In a world of fleeting attention spans and visual-driven content engagement, this is a powerful capability to have and get the most out of your visual content.

AI can help you improve customer retention

The basis of every business’ success is customer retention. Therefore, you need to provide them with relevant and valuable content. According to a study, AI enables marketers to increase customer retention by 51%. AI provides you with information that can help you understand your customers better.  AI enables you to stay up to date by providing customers with tailored content, personalized recommendations and one to one assistance through virtual assistants and chatbots; all this with minimal input. Customers appreciate AI-based customized offers and are more likely to come back for more. You can also reengage your past customers with the right approach, that too, with the help of AI. AI will provide you an insight into why and how the customer lost interest, and it will help you determine the best way to reconnect with them.

AI can help in voice and visual searches

Voice and visual searches are growing trends using IoT devices. According to research, 55.5% of customers engaging with these devices use it to search for products or services vocally, and around 44.2% use it to make purchases. Visual searches are on the rise as customers also search for information by using images. This upcoming feature is called reverse photo lookup or search by image, where they can search for content related to the image or similar images.

AI can help you increase your communication efficiency

AI-powered chatbots can assist customers anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Chatbots are an essential tool to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Chatbots can use personalized information of every customer and provide real-time assistance in a targeted and friendly manner. They are efficient and enhance the user experience by responding on time and personalizing their conversation. Nowadays, most of the customers are familiar and comfortable chatting with bots. Workforce that was initially needed to assist customers can use their time and expertise in better areas of your business.

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AI can help you automatically score leads

Artificial Intelligence can help you predict leads by using various factors like social information, demographics, and behavioral data to analyze potential leads and automatically assign them a score to predict whether they are likely to convert or not. This makes lead generation more efficient, accurate, and faster. It allows you to create and deliver content to the right people. It also enables you to attract the attention of similar prospects.

AI can help you deliver personalized experiences

With the help of artificial intelligence, you can sift through data at high speed with pinpoint accuracy. This will help you gain a better understanding of their previous customer journeys, engagements, attitudes, and behaviors. You can set up predictive and automated journeys to deliver the most relevant tailored content to your customers. According to a report, 93% of businesses see a rise in conversion rates because of personalization. The power of AI, when used effectively, can increase accurate insights on a large scale. This enables brands to reach a broader audience and make content and communication more effective and targeted.

AI can help you understand customer behavior

AI integrated into marketing automation can help you gain insights on channels that you may not have used before. It also enables you to keep track of the actions of the customers across these channels. This allows you to move from basic data segmentation to sending triggered messages or pop-ups based on the location, behavior, and actions of your prospects. AI helps you capture all the activities across channels such as email, mobile, website, and social media, and create a knowledge of each lead’s preferences and interests.

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AI can help you adopt a multichannel approach

A multitude of marketing channels like email, website, social media, SMS, apps and live chat messenger are available for marketing automation teams. Customers use various channels to search for their favorite brands. For brands, it can become tedious to reach different personas as they use every channel and not a specific channel. AI can discern and identify the preferred marketing channel for each lead. It can also send the same content to your complete lead base, that too, on their preferred channel.

The AI revolution has begun, and brands are integrating the power of machine learning to deliver seamless omnichannel customer experiences. Are you using AI in your marketing campaigns to orchestrate personalized customer experiences?

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