How Governments can Transform Website Experience with Drupal

By Sudeepthi Peteti 6 min read

A government website is a type of website created and designed to broadcast native, regional, or national government information.

Its objective is to update the general public about departmental contact details, roles and responsibilities, the name of key government ministers and their portfolios, and other vital information. The goal is to provide the general public access to information on the operation of the government and on essential services that the government is responsible for.

A government website contains all the information that the public needs. It has sections for every department and information on how and what that department does. An ideal government website must be simple, with high-image, low-text designs to make it accessible and mobile.

The open-source Drupal CMS powers some of the most prominent government websites. An important question to ask is, which attributes do government sites and media and entertainment sites share? A ton of functionalities and objectives are identical. Media sites have membership forms, customized information distribution, huge data warehouses, events, and relevant forms, publishing tools, marketing tools, transactions, and so on. The main features that Drupal provides for a government website are listed below:

  1. Simple modules that provide powerful content management with zero licensing costs.
  2. Central management of demanding frameworks.
  3. Upgraded accessibility of web services from any device.
  4. High-grade security that protects detectable information.

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Below are the advantages of Drupal:

1. Security

An influential factor for government sites, uncompromised security, is the essential reason why government associations are settling on Drupal.

As security remains the major priority for the community, issues are frequently fixed, and patches are piled out. Drupal’s very own security team and the other identical committees (known as security working group) guarantee that Drupal core and contributed modules give world-class security and integrate the best security practices for web designers and module engineers. These security modules made possible by Drupal’s security committee worth the utilization:

  • Login Security – Gives basic access control while denying IP full access to the content of the site.
  • Password Policy – Convolutes the password and stores the data from dictionary attacks and other brute force methods.
  • Security unit – Can fix the HTML infusion issue and save the site from any semblance of Cross-Site Scripting attack.
  • Captcha – Protects site’s contact and sign up forms.
  • Secure Login – Ensures that the entered login or submitted data is done securely by means of HTTPS, accordingly avoiding passwords and user data vandalism.

2. Cost

With Drupal, government associations are given a high level of adaptability and security while having the sheer favorable position of not acquiring immense operational and maintenance costs as expected. Without confronting the issue of utilizing antiquated technology, government websites are sustained and retained by an immense community giving free security extensions, modules, distributions, and so forth, all at half the cost spent before. In the United States alone, it powers additionally 120 government office sites, notwithstanding Likewise, 150 nations use Drupal to adapt up to the difficulties of the advanced world.

3. Multilingual

To celebrate the multilingual legacy of the nation, it is vital for government sites to consider their more extensive and divergent population. The content translation module in Drupal enables pages and individual content to be translated by making a cloned set in the translated language. Another alternative, the entity translation module, permits specific fields to be translated. More than a hundred languages are accessible to intensify the extent of governance. With this, Drupal gives the administrator a choice to write in their favored language while the content can be translated into the destination language.

4. Multisite Feature

Governments have countless sites, and building up each would take a huge amount of time. With the multisite component, an identical codebase is duplicated and used to construct another site. This helps spare a great deal of time when creating websites for state governments. A comparative codebase guarantees that specific highlights stay equal throughout, and consistency is maintained. It improves the administration as well as guarantees that each redesign is done just once.

5. Accessibility

Drupal’s principal responsibility to accessibility standards guarantees that every one of its highlights and capacities adjusts with the World Wide Web Consortium rules (WCAG) and ADA rules. This makes it a simple decision for the governments and organizations to work with it.

6. Scalability

Government sites need the most versatile stage to build their websites. By providing support for the most exceptionally trafficked websites in the world, Drupal can deal with the most content-rich locales and encounters without bowing or breaking. This means that your site does not go down when hit by a traffic spike. Drupal controls more than a million locales from the top enterprises, like Time and Mercedes to prominent government sites, to global organizations like the EU, CERN, and NASA, even the ones which anticipate enormous traffic, like, GRAMMY Awards, and NBC Olympics.

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7. Drupal Modules and Distribution

With government sites, a lot of components and functionalities persist the same as the most recent news, announcements, government strategies, and data regarding government plans. It would all be able to be accomplished with modules and distributions like aGov, OpenPublic, govCMS, and Drupal voor Gemeenten.

While distributions are replicates of Drupal websites that absorb its core besides themes, library, modules, and installation profiles, modules are the scaled-down records stacked together to give the basic and custom functionality to the website.

There are many extra modules accessible to address the issues of pretty much every website. Furthermore, Drupal offers the adaptability to alter existing modules to meet your prerequisites and contribute them to the project for others to utilize. It is significantly simpler and quicker to build websites with the assistance of distributions and modules. To meet the different rules under Digital Service Standard, while building the Australian government site, aGov (a distribution) was implemented. aGov is appropriate for both large and little organizations, across local, state, and government portfolios. More than 300 sites are now utilizing it. For example, the Australian government’s website is built using

8. Custom Content Type

Government sites need their content to be as unique as the different political and non-political associations. Statements are to be released each day in various sorts and patterns, for example, blogs, instructive pages, news things, photographs, surveys, video exhibitions, and social media fragments. All to guarantee that residents are well informed. Other than the ‘Article’ and ‘Basic pages’, it empowers other core and contributed modules, with which custom content type can be created.

9. Creativity and Integration Solutions

The largest part of the government sites is viewed as boring and unappealing ahead, yet that can change. They understood that they have to work to further their potential benefit by giving helpful content and services. What’s more, here enters another Drupal asset.

Drupal CMS is good with numerous different services and results, and it can incorporate with any enterprise content, information repositories, and internal publishing tools. If you have focused, you will see that each government site offers appealing segments of most recent news, declarations, government guidelines, and data.

And since it is an opensource innovation, Drupal gives an expandable framework that can comfortably integrate with different frameworks and make highlights, for example, resident service centers, payment systems, and proprietary legacy systems, and so on. For example, the Australian government attempts to advance each important data that can be valuable to its residents.

There are many government sites built on Drupal. Few of them are listed below:

  1. National Portal of India
  2. NASA
  3. Australia Government
  4. Department of Tourism & Commerce Marketing (Dubai)
  5. Indian Space Research Organization (Bhuvan) and so on.

The entire list of government websites is available in,

Excepting its prominence in the private sector, Drupal has a large market share in government along with the public sector. More than 150 of the national government websites are utilizing Drupal. The list comprises of the largest websites like the white house, NASA, Department of Training, Department of Vitality, Health, Defense, Transportation, Agriculture, and even the Department of Country Security. In 2009, it was chosen to relocate and all its related websites to Drupal. This maybe, gave the opensource platform its sizable reliability and certainty to other government offices to pursue the same path.

There are some disadvantages to Drupal as well. A few of these are listed below:

  1. Difficulty in familiarization
  2. High system requirements
  3. Advanced interface
  4. Requires time and effort

To wrap up, Drupal is the most desired platform to build sophisticated data adapted systems by more prominent organizations. It has an extraordinary open-source network. Its highlights, like security and scalability, are further advanced when compared with the other content management platform. It can be consolidated with big data management and is the ideal platform for it as a result of its robustness.

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