How Adobe Marketing Cloud Enables Cross-Channel Fluidity

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In marketing, technology often feels like a solution in search of a problem. You know that technology can help you build a better customer experience, but your digital marketing or content management platform isn’t going to hold your hand. You have to conceptualize the type of experience that you want to build, and then you have to determine how technology can make it happen. At TA Digital, we love Adobe Marketing Cloud because it has the power and flexibility to put your company’s unique strengths on display while guiding people through your vision of the ideal customer journey.

Let’s learn more about what Adobe Marketing Cloud can do to power your organization’s digital marketing efforts.

Reformation’s Example: Taking Cross-Channel Marketing to the Next Level

The Shortcomings of the Traditional Shopping Experience

Picture a boutique clothing manufacturer with small showrooms and more inventory than space. That’s the situation in which Reformation found itself in 2014. The company had a hot clothing line and plenty of traffic in its retail stores, but the small showrooms and large selection made browsing difficult for customers. What good is it to have every size and color of every item on display if the crowded showroom leaves customers feeling too overwhelmed to browse?

How Adobe Improved Reformation’s Customer Journey

Reformation put Adobe’s digital experience management features to work and built a better shopping experience inspired by the likes of Tesla and Apple. When you enter a Reformation showroom today, you browse the clothing selection on an electronic kiosk. The clothing options feed through to the kiosk from Adobe Experience Manager. Since Adobe knows the inventory of each store, it shows only the options available to buy immediately. The customer chooses a few items, and a store associate retrieves the customer’s selections. When the customer enters the fitting room, the clothing is ready to try on.

Adobe Power’s Reformation’s Data-Driven Decisions

Linking Adobe Experience Manager to each store hasn’t just helped Reformation create a better shopping experience — it also gives Reformation valuable data about each store visit. What items are generating the most interest among customers? What items are customers trying on — but not buying? What is the average length and conversion likelihood of a typical store visit? Before implementing Adobe, Reformation had to rely on the memories of store associates to determine what resonated with customers. Today, Adobe provides Reformation with the data necessary to make intelligent business decisions.

Adding Fluidity to the Cross-Channel Customer Experience

Adobe Marketing Cloud has helped Reformation create a better in-store shopping experience. It has also removed the barrier that once existed between online and offline shopping. If a customer browses at one store and doesn’t find the desired item in that store’s stock, Adobe can alert a nearby store to have the item ready when the customer arrives. Reformation’s customers can also request items to try on while shopping online at home. If a local store doesn’t have exactly the item a customer wants, Adobe can find the item and have it shipped to the customer’s home. All the while, Adobe collects data about each website visit and fitting room session. Adobe uses the information to improve future website and store visits with personalization.

What Reformation’s Example Means for Your Business

Your company may not sell clothing. It may not even have physical storefronts. What you do have, though, are multiple marketing channels. Every day, you engage in meaningful conversions with your customers through:

  • Your website
  • Your search engine, display, retargeting and social media advertisements
  • Your social media presence
  • Your email marketing efforts
  • Your mobile app
  • Your physical storefronts
  • Your in-store kiosks

How do you put it all together? How do you avoid the sense of disconnect that can occur when a customer wants to continue a conversation on another channel?

The Importance of Centralized Content Management

No two people take exactly the same path toward becoming your customers. One person might become a customer after seeing your website and visiting a brick-and-mortar store. Another person might prefer to browse products in person before completing his purchases online.

Serving content to all of your channels with a single CMS allows you to create strongly branded experiences that remain consistent over all of your channels. Whether a customer interacts with your company through your desktop website, mobile website or in-store kiosks, using a single CMS means that all of your content comes from one place — automatically optimized so that it looks correct and loads quickly on the customer’s device. When a customer moves to a different channel, he knows that he is interacting with the right company because the experience remains the same.

The Value of Advanced Personalization

The larger your company’s product selection is, the harder it can be for customers to find the products they want. Personalization makes the product browsing process easy by using a customer’s previous interactions and purchase history to recommend products that he or she might want. Personalized content — when done right — creates a memorable shopping experience. Personalized cross-sell and upsell recommendations can even increase your company’s revenue by helping customers discover products that they didn’t know existed.

When your CMS draws data from every customer interaction over all of your channels, you’ll surprise your customers with intelligent recommendations that speak directly to their interests. If your CMS draws data from only one source, though — such as website interactions — inaccurate recommendations can result. Inaccurate product recommendations are worse than no recommendations at all — that’s why having an omnichannel CMS is so important.

How the Adobe Cloud Powers Your Company’s Marketing Efforts

Adobe Campaign

Adobe Campaign is Adobe’s solution for cross-channel marketing automation. With it, you can:

  • Create complete customer profiles that collect data from all of your marketing channels
  • Build automated cross-channel campaigns that flow between social media, email and more
  • Deliver personalized content over any channel — including email
  • Speak to individuals — not broad segments — with offers that change with customer behavior

Adobe Target

Adobe Target is Adobe’s solution for conversion rate optimization and personalized content delivery over any channel. With it, you can:

  • Test variations of landing pages, product pages and other website content to improve dwell times and conversion rates
  • Utilize data from all of your company’s channels to target individual customers with personalized content
  • Improve your personalized content over time with artificial intelligence that learns from customers’ responses
  • Improve the performance of your mobile app with geolocation features that adjust content and offers depending on where customers are
  • Improve your revenue by recommending related products and upsells that your customers will love

Adobe Social

Adobe Social is Adobe’s solution for social media marketing and account management. With it, you can:

  • Tie social media interactions to purchasing outcomes to determine the ROI of your social media campaigns
  • Use a single interface to publish content on any of your social media channels
  • Promote your social media content — and see your audience’s response — from within the publishing interface
  • Learn more about your individual customers’ social media behavior to create more intelligent targeting rules

Putting It All Together

Relevance is the name of the game in modern digital marketing. Customers want to enjoy meaningful interactions with your company, and they want to enjoy those conversations over any channel. In this article, we’ve shown you how one of America’s leading clothing retailers has stepped up its game for the modern era. The Adobe Cloud can help your company do the same. Do you want to learn more about what the Adobe Cloud can do to help your company reach its sales and marketing goals? Contact us now to learn more about what we can do for you.

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