Gartner’s July 2017 MCCM Report Puts Adobe Campaign on Top

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Have you been wondering what the digital marketing world has to say about Adobe Campaign? Famed IT insight firm Gartner heaped praise on the tool set in its July 2017 Critical Capabilities for MCCM, or Multichannel Campaign Management, report. Here’s why it earned the highest accolades and what this might mean for your business outlook.

The Critical Capabilities MCCM Report Explained

Each year, Gartner publishes a number of well-known Magic Quadrant reports that rank service providers and software products in a range of areas. The Critical Capabilities for MCCM report is the complement to the MCCM Magic Quadrant report, and it focuses more closely on markets, products and services. The idea is to help people make better decisions about which technologies might suit their organizational missions based on four different use cases and a variety of critical capabilities.

How Did Adobe Campaign Stack Up?

The July MCCM placed Adobe Campaign higher than all other competitors, including IBM, Oracle, AgilOne, SAS, SalesForce and Experian solutions. Adobe’s top positioning also held steady for all four of the ranking categories: Campaign creation, campaign execution, campaign orchestration and campaign measurement.

Gartner researchers lauded Adobe Campaign as a complete solution for MCCM activities and noted its strengths in the B2C realm. In critical capabilities areas, like content marketing, ad management, and multi-dimensional segmentation, Adobe continued its trend from last year by earning similarly high rankings.

How Will This Change Your Business Strategy?

Naturally, you shouldn’t jump to abandon your current solutions just because a new ranking came out, but if you’re already in search of an improved campaign management platform, then Adobe might be exactly what you need. More than 850 enterprises rely on Campaign to engage in cross-channel experience management, and the software facilitates the ready use of media like SMS, push messaging, direct mail, point-of-sale ads and email.

Why should you focus on MCCM? Cross-channel engagement is essential to your continued success and existence as a brand. As consumers shift from traditional modes of interaction towards using their mobile devices, computers and other hardware whenever the mood strikes them, you need to keep pace. Given that user attention spans are clearly fleeting, tracking them across engagement channels to offer a consistently personalized experience is your only hope of keeping audiences interested in your message.

It’s Time to Augment Your MCCM Practices

One interesting area of the Gartner report was its critical capabilities rankings. Who decides which capabilities are must-haves? Although you may disagree with some of Gartner’s key rating categories, it’s worth considering that you probably can’t afford to go without certain vital functions. For instance, you’ll probably benefit immensely from being able to

  • Manage interactions in real time to hone your strategies,
  • Manage content and ads independently or in tandem to present a uniform marketing front,
  • Conduct segmentation to target individual demographics as necessary,
  • Create custom work flows and dispatch jobs to team members,
  • Market via native emails, mobile devices and other platforms, and
  • Institute meaningful analytics programs to reveal your campaign’s ROI.

Since it ticks all of these boxes, Adobe Campaign definitely has what it takes to help you bring your marketing game to the next level. The MCCM Magic Quadrant also designated Adobe as a Leader based on Campaign’s capabilities, and thousands of marketers depend on it to power their outreach efforts.

Are You Ready to Put Adobe Campaign to Use?

Companies like Gartner provide reliable, impartial viewpoints on how different software products might fit your MCCM goals, but why take another person’s word for what works best? Talking to an expert at TA Digital can help you determine how to make the most of Adobe Campaign no matter which channels you’re targeting. Chat with us today to learn how we can help you enhance your digital marketing automation strategy.

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