5 Ways to Transform Online Retail with Experience-driven Commerce

By Kirsten Oelrich 4 min read

Technology is advancing rapidly, and customers expect a frictionless commerce experience anytime, anywhere and on any device. They also demand a personalized, immersive and seamless experience as they shop. According to a study, 76% of customers expect brands to understand their needs and expectations, 67% of customers say that their standard for good experiences is higher than before, 64% of customers find that customer experience is more important than the price of the products and 67% of customers prefer paying more for a great experience.

Businesses need to revamp their business models to stay competitive and create experiences that are authentic to their brand. They need to focus on creating experiences that are memorable for customers across all touchpoints. Marketers need to understand the customer, gather customer data and analyze where the brand can add value. Then accordingly they provide content and experience that enhances the journey. As a marketer here’s how you can distinguish your brand, engage your customers and enhance their experience.

1. Synchronize content and product for a better experience

Brand perceptions can be reinforced by interactive, sensory and immersive devices. However, it is very important for the content and product to be in sync. One also needs to personalize and customize the shopping experience for the customers by recommending relevant products and offers they value. This will keep them coming back for more. For instance, booking a Disney vacation online is a journey by itself for customers, as it creates anticipation and excitement – it brings the brand story and value proposition together to meet the purchasing process in a seamless experience.

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2. Use connected devices to enhance experience

The Internet of things (IoT) is at the forefront of commerce technology. Its applications are already all around us – security systems send instant phone alerts when an intruder has breached someone’s property; or when your Netflix subscription comes to an end, messages/reminders are sent instantly to renew the subscription before the expiration date. The main channel for all these exchanges of data is mainly through the mobile phone, as they are interconnected with the devices. Marketers are now considering in making smart products by embedding sensors into their products which will report back how the consumer is utilizing the product.

According to a survey, there are nearly 25 billion IoT devices around the world. And it will soon increase to 75 billion by 2025. This is how companies are making experience and life better, and easier for customers by making their product as an additional touch point. It is essential to think about the customer first and use the right technology to address their problems.

3. Master the omnichannel experience

These days brands offer customers a multichannel customer experience. With every interaction, customers expect consistency as they view it as a single customer journey. Irrespective of the screen size or the venue, every touch point for the customers is an interaction with the same brand. These interactions are extremely important as each and every channel has a huge impact on the customer experience. It also has an impact on the various departments of a company. To create a good customer experience, it is imperative to link data, technology and teams. As the digital economy is rapidly progressing, customers purchase from brick and mortar stores only after making their purchasing decisions online instead of the physical stores. Therefore, it is imperative to create an immersive, interactive and personal experience from multiple channels like desktops, mobile phones, tablets and brick and mortar stores, in order to be consistent and give the customers a seamless experience.

4. Shoppable media for a remarkable experience

To engage customers and lead them to purchase products one must use creative shoppable media to break down barriers that are obstructing the customer to make the purchase. Shoppable content allows customers to view the details of the products featured in forms of imagery and videos. The consumer can simply click directly on the product’s features to view the details instead of searching for the product information. This makes it compelling and easier for customers to make the purchase. Shoppable media should be used with intention and purpose. One must also understand the needs of the customer and plan the content accordingly. To make your brand stands out, you must use shoppable media to tell compelling product stories that inform customers about everything they need to know. This will help them to make a purchase decision.

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5. Smartphones are powerful devices

Mobile phones have radically altered the way people shop. The most personal device for people is their mobile phone, as it is constantly on and always being used for one or another. According to a report, on weekdays people share site visits from their mobiles almost equal to those sharing from desktops, and on weekends mobile engagement is higher. In the past few years, the number of mobile visits has increased tremendously. Therefore, it is important to make your brand accessible by making it mobile first or mobile only. At times the mobile device is not the primary channel. It serves as a cross channel resource, especially in a physical store setting. Most of the consumers around the world use their mobile phones to look up products, compare prices, search for information on the products while physically shopping at a store. This leads to intelligent contextual marketing, where the mobile is seen as a behavior rather than a separate technology or channel. Since the behavior is consistent, physical store retailers can use the mobile to enhance the store experience, by using numerous technologies. For instance, people can access all the products through a brand’s app on their smartphones, in the brand’s brick and mortar store.

Customers prefer a seamless experience. Make it a point to keep your brand consistent and connected across all platforms. Listen to your customers and provide them with a frictionless, memorable and seamless experience. It is imperative to be constantly responsive across all touch points. Understand the needs and requirements of your customer. Also, ensure to make shopping experience effortless with the customer and business insights.

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