5 Reasons why B2B Marketing Campaigns Fail

By Kirsten Oelrich 3 min read

There’s a widely held perception among marketers that B2B marketing is really difficult. While many marketers believe that the possibility of failure is high, some believe that the success of a B2B marketing initiative is directly proportional to the amount of money invested in it. Both beliefs are inaccurate.

The truth is that like most B2C marketing campaigns, B2B campaigns fail because they are built in an improper way. Whatever the reasons, B2B marketers often fail to understand the causes for the failure of their marketing campaigns. Here are 5 pitfalls you must avoid to ensure the success of your marketing campaign:

1. Lack of skills and experience

Most companies make the mistake of not bringing together a team with the right skillsets. Some of the key skills for every B2B marketing team include data science, SEO, and content creation. Businesses must also be effective in assigning the right resources to the right clients. One common mistake that companies make is assigning novice marketers to a client − they lack experience and exposure needed to address complex challenges. In such cases, it is advisable to hire a senior marketer to help steer the inexperienced team members towards the right direction. They bring outside experience to the team and look at the campaign from various angles. They also mentor the novice marketers and improve their skills.

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2. Substandard content

According to a report, 88% of B2B marketers create content that makes their audience view their business as a trustable resource while the rest of the marketers find it very challenging to produce engaging content. It has been observed that many marketing campaigns lack good and effective writing. They need to improve the content and make it beneficial for the reader. They make a big mistake economizing on videos and images. As a marketer, you need to create content that engages new customers and builds loyalty among existing customers. It is very important to gain insights on the customers by researching their personas. Incorporate interactive features in your content, add images and videos, use storytelling, prioritize informational needs over sales messages, privatize and personalize content, and create weekly blog posts, research posts or whitepapers.

3. Lack of a documented strategy

Every marketing campaign begins with a solid strategy. The goals and milestones must be carefully defined and duly documented. Campaigns fail not only because they don’t meet goals but also because there’s no documentation of the setbacks and failures. An effective strategy must take care of all these parameters and properly define the measurable goals and the target audience. It’s important to ensure that the goal is realistic and attainable within the stipulated timeline. The goals must be accomplished through various platforms like a social media site, website or blog. And it is very important to identify keywords and phrases that connect the content with the target marketing. Lastly, it is extremely important to keep a track of the goals and regularly discuss them in order to make it a habit.

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4. Not measuring efforts

Data and metrics are the soul of every B2B marketing campaign. Most campaigns fail when the team does not adapt a data-driven approach to build its campaign. It is imperative to identify the small set of important metrics that link to the business objectives. Identify the right marketing technology to measure those data points. To build a better sales pipeline use marketing software to measure lead source attribution, leads per month and conversion rates for channels or campaigns. This will help track success and guide in making the right decision.

5. Lack of research

Every marketing campaign revolves around solving the fundamental need of the target audience. At times, marketers are unable to identify the pain points accurately. In such cases, the campaigns lack relevance, fail to build an emotional connection, and this results in low traffic and conversions. Therefore, it is imperative for the marketing team to conduct a research on the target audience. This involves reading research papers, following potential or existing customers on social networks, and interviewing them to get an idea of the challenges they are facing. The core focus of the campaign must be to resolve these issues. This will drive all the calls to action, ad copy, messaging and follow up emails. In case your team has already identified the problem but could not solve it, both the problem and the solution need to be reframed. You need to revisit the drawing board and be thorough about the persona pain points, needs, and research. Collecting all these data can help frame the marketing strategy and improve the campaign.

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