The Features and Benefits of Adobe Sensei

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The Features and Benefits of Adobe Sensei

Your company collects a wealth of data every day. You collect usage data when people view your website or use your mobile app. You create new data when you add articles or white papers to your website. Deriving deeper insights from all of your data could help your company become more agile and able to tackle the challenges of the future.

Adobe Sensei adds artificial intelligence to the Adobe Experience Cloud. It’s here to help you create fuller experiences and make better marketing decisions. Since it is a part of the Adobe Cloud framework, it integrates with all of Adobe’s cloud-based services.

In the future, you can expect Adobe Sensei to add value to virtually every part of the Adobe Experience Cloud. These are just a few of the features that it already offers.

Content Creation and Document Management

As you write content, Adobe Sensei can analyze it to understand the tone of the document. With its document analysis features, Adobe Sensei can extract the most important sentences to summarize an article. It can even find white papers with similar content in your existing document library.

Adobe Sensei also enhances the way in which your company handles paper documents. Take a photo of a document on a mobile device, and Adobe Sensei automatically converts it into a digital document that you can edit. It’ll even match the fonts.

Image Recognition and Manipulation

Adobe Sensei also integrates with the Adobe Creative Cloud. It’ll automatically recognize the images in your media library and suggest appropriate tags for searching and categorization. Adobe Sensei recognizes elements of images such as faces and buildings. Do you have a great image of a building set against a sky that’s a bit too cloudy? No problem — Adobe Sensei recognizes the sky and can exchange it with the sky from a different image.

Business Intelligence

Adobe integrates with the Adobe Marketing Cloud to help your business make better marketing decisions. Adobe Sensei now automatically personalizes articles for individual readers, changing elements such as the verbiage of an article or the design of a page to suit the predicted taste of a customer. Adobe Sensei also improves your advertising returns by analyzing past campaigns and recommending the exact moment in which you should increase your advertising spend on a specific channel. Is something unusual — such as increased cart abandonment — happening with your website or one of your marketing campaigns right now? Adobe Sensei recognizes the event and alerts you.

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Adobe BUSINESS PARTNER AEM Specialization

TA Digital is one of only 19 companies in the world to hold both the business solution partner and Adobe experience manager designation. We are absolute experts on the Adobe marketing cloud.

About TA Digital

TA Digital is an innovative digital transformation agency, specializing in delivering Digital Experience, Digital Commerce, and Digital Marketing Solutions. For nearly two decades, we have been helping traditional businesses transform and create dynamic, digital cultures through disruptive strategies and agile deployment of innovative solutions.

Over the past 20 years, we have completed thousands of digital projects globally. We have one of the largest and deepest Adobe Marketing Cloud (“AMC”) certified digital consulting teams in the world. Our proprietary processes and years of Digital Experience expertise have earned us a 97% customer satisfaction rating with our clients ranging from Global Fortune 1000 to Mid-Market Enterprises, leading educational institutions, and Non-Profits.

Regardless of your industry or sector, our deep Adobe Marketing Cloud, Commerce, Marketing Automation, Personalization, Analytics and CRM integration expertise, will help you seamlessly engage and interact with your customers through each touch point on their customer journey. Our AMC consultants will provide you with extensive innovative digital insights to ensure that your AMC platform is ideally optimized and that you are realizing a maximum return on investment across your digital, commerce, and sales enterprise.


As an Adobe Marketing Cloud intrapreneur, you know that your team, internal processes, multi-solution tools, creativity, and discipline drive the successful outcomes of your business. Our goal is to help your business become a digital marketing revenue generating center that is generating revenue for your organization 24x7x365.

We accomplish this goal by helping you accelerate your advancement faster than your competitors, across all seven of the Adobe Digital Marketing Maturity dimensions–Channels, Audiences, Context, Content, Assets, Campaigns, and Data. We work with you to custom tailor our flexible solution-service offerings to ideally fit your business model, Digital Maturity stage, your timelines, and your budget.

To ensure maximum flexibility and success our solution offerings encompass the entire Adobe Marketing Cloud and each (AMC) individual product. We offer three Digital Service packages to accommodate your specific business requirements, budget, and timeline. We also provide you with integration offerings that empower you to leverage best of breed digital, commerce, and marketing automation technologies to create world-class multi-solution digital eco-systems.


Strategy: We will mentor and you during your deployments, migrations, integrations, and upgrades.

Hybrid: We will work with your team using an integrated-team approach.

All-Inclusive: We will help you reduce your costs by serving as your fully integrated internal digital marketing enterprise.


Adobe Marketing Cloud: Adobe Experience Manager, Analytics, Campaign, Target, Media Optimizer, Audience Manager, and Social.

Digital Strategy: Helping you accelerate your digital maturity and transform your organization into a Digital Marketing Revenue Generating Center.

Digital Actualization: Helping you deploy optimized revenue-generating, multi-solution implementations, migrations, upgrades, and integrations.

Digital Governance: Helping you build strong Digital Governance frameworks that provide clear accountability for your digital strategy, policy, and standards.

Digital Optimization: Helping you build scalable, fluid, optimized, and integrated multi-solution platforms that deliver maximum revenue potential to your organization.


  • Mobile Development, Optimization, and Personalization
  • Quality Assurance Program
  • DevOps and Managed Services
  • UI Development
  • Experience and Visual Design
  • Demand Generation Program
  • Content Management Program
  • Staff Augmentation

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Over the past 20 years, we have completed thousands of digital projects globally. We have one of the largest and deepest multi-solutions digital consulting teams in the world. Our proprietary processes and years of Digital Experience expertise have earned us a 97% customer satisfaction rating with our clients ranging from Global Fortune 1000 to Mid-Market Enterprises, leading educational institutions, and Non-Profits.

About TA Digital

TA Digital is the only global boutique agency that delivers the “best of both worlds” to clients seeking to achieve organizational success through digital transformation. Unlike smaller, regional agencies that lack the ability to scale or large organizations that succumb to a quantity-over-quality approach, we offer resource diversity while also providing meticulous attention to the details that enable strategic success.

Over the past 20 years, TA Digital has positioned clients to achieve digital maturity by focusing on data, customer-centricity and exponential return on investment; by melding exceptional user experience and data-driven methodologies with artificial intelligence and machine learning, we enable digital transformations that intelligently build upon the strategies we set into motion. We are known as a global leader that assists marketing and technology executives in understanding the digital ecosystem while identifying cultural and operational gaps within their business – ultimately ushering organizations toward a more mature model and profitable digital landscape.

Recognized in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2019, and 2020 Inc. 5000 list as one of the most successful technology companies in the United States, TA Digital is pleased also to share high-level strategic partnerships with world class digital experience platform companies like Adobe, SAP and Salesforce and possess global partnerships with industry leaders such as Sitecore, Episerver, Elastic Path, BigCommerce, AWS, Azure and Coveo.

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