Explore Sensei Capabilities in Adobe Target to Drive Personalization

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Drive Flawless Personalization With Sensei Capabilities in Adobe Target

Personalizing your user experiences lets you make a more genuine connection with real people who patronize your virtual storefront. Unfortunately, you lack the resources to engage in manual, in-depth advertising adaptation for every one of the thousands of potential consumers that engage with your brand. You also don’t have time for expensive marketing mistakes that might make your branding less cost-effective. Could Adobe Target’s new Sensei capabilities put your strategy on a firmer footing?

Why Target and Sensei Work Well Together

Adobe Target is an optimization tool that lets you discover high-impact marketing techniques to design and execute experiences that drive conversions. Specifically made to facilitate straightforward configuration, testing, and delivery, it’s one of the marketing world’s go-to resources for targeting customer segments with unique experiences.

In the summer of 2017, Adobe outfitted Target with capabilities drawn from its renowned Sensei artificial intelligence platform. Sensei merges Big Data with machine learning to empower better marketing decisions, streamline overburdened processes and uncover new opportunities. Here’s how the combination could make your personalization more functional.

Natural Language Processing Powers Better Recommendations

What defines a rewarding experience for the typical digital consumer? Concierge-like service is high on most shoppers’ lists. Recommendation engines have the potential to drive massive revenues by making people feel like they receive special consideration when they engage with your brand. It’s critical, however, that your sites provide accurate suggestions for items that users actually desire. Far too many brands miss the mark by a long shot.

With Adobe Target, you get algorithms that improve your odds of satisfying people from the start. From predicting the kinds of offers that shoppers might find interesting to anticipating the very page content that they’ll search for, Target is known for providing a robust, accurate recommendation solution. With Sensei, things only get better thanks to the inclusion of NLP, or natural language processing, technology.

NLP takes things a step further than just providing suggestions based on prior search terms or obvious interactions with products and pages. Instead, it works to understand the semantic intent behind consumer actions. By interpreting queries within a broader context, Adobe Sensei learns to recognize their meaning and help guide the conversation between your brand and your clientele toward a conclusion that both parties find meaningful.

With Sensei and Target, you don’t have to wait for a consumer to express an explicit preference. The NLP engine is smart enough to learn from actions like video views, purchases, and interactions with customer service specialists. In the process of analyzing all of this data, it builds far more relevant content and product suggestions for each consumer. It can also draw on data from other buyers or established market segments to develop a more accurate picture of what an individual might want.

Personalization Becomes a One-Click Affair

In business, perceived barriers to implementation can be just as powerful as concrete obstacles. Companies that view personalization as an overwhelmingly involved process are likely to shy away from ever mastering it. Adobe Target Premium, on the other hand, takes the stance that more marketers deserve the power to experiment with personalized delivery. Its novel Auto-Target function gives you the opportunity to tweak to your heart’s content.

Auto-Target lets companies perform granular, customized testing automatically or algorithmically. Furthermore, they can conduct tests that account for all of the possible variables on a page. For firms at risk of falling into the trap of only testing the things that they think are important, Auto-Target provides a complete viewpoint and reveals trends that might usually go unnoticed.

Instead of having to filter through tons of unique data, marketers can tell Auto-Target to decide which experience is best for each consumer. They can then refine targeted experiences over time to drive conversions, foster brand loyalty and keep up with changing preferences.

One neat aspect of Auto-Target is its capability to stem losses brought about by poorly executed marketing initiatives. For instance, if a consumer demonstrates that a particular personalization tactic doesn’t work with them, Auto-Target will learn from its mistakes by favoring superior alternatives. Since consumers only ever receive the most relevant experiences, brands get more freedom to explore alternative strategies without risking their relationships with their audiences. A backup policy feature also makes it easy to return to known successful states and maintain a minimum baseline of acceptable campaign performance quality. Why go backward with your testing when you can keep on improving?

One-to-one Offer Delivery Is a Breeze

Adobe Target has always catered to marketers who wanted to make sense of large amounts of data. These advertisers have traditionally struggled to understand the information they gather, however. Even those that think they have a solid handle on the data may find it hard to decide how it correlates to certain marketing actions. For instance, should you display a given promotion to an individual who’s expressed brand interest or go with one of the dozens of alternative offers that they might find attractive?

Adobe Target makes it a little bit easier to discern the best course of action. You can get started faster by using its self-learning models as baselines for responding to a user’s habits and browsing paths. As you gather further data, shoppers will receive increasingly customized experiences that cater to their developing needs. Target also lets marketers automate the way they provide experiences in mobile apps and via IoT devices, so it’s possible to maintain consumer relationships regardless of their usage habits.

The Cloud Facilitates More Accurate Targeting

Marketers want to create connections with consumers, and they crave the capacity to do so on an individually meaningful basis. Unfortunately, many companies that want to personalize fall short due to their insistence on working with incomplete data and unfounded assumptions.

Advertising professionals commonly employ Adobe Target to build personalization profiles in real time. Now, they have the power to do more than just ensure that these profiles are comprehensive: They can also create views that put the information to work by revealing unique insights.

Having data that tells the whole story is great, but getting the help that you need to comprehend said information is even better. Adobe Target’s connection to Adobe Sensei benefits from a more intimate integration with Adobe Analytics Cloud, so you can draw on audience data and behavioral analytics to make your segmentation extremely precise.

Want to implement A/B testing of highly granular site components, like website search boxes or form controls? Try Adobe Target’s new Experience Versions feature to use a range of audience segments from Adobe Analytics Cloud in your experiments. For instance, you can generate offers targeted towards consumers who have recently bought products similar to what you want to promote. Experience Versions also lets you target unique audiences in addition to behaviors: The offers that it generates update themselves based on the locations, native languages, preferred currencies and other characteristics of individual customers.

Shouldn’t Your Personalization Be As Accurate As Possible?

Companies that attempt to deliver personalized experiences should remember the dangers of sub par performance. We’ve all visited websites that provided bad recommendations, and most of us have had the unpleasant experience of being targeted by ads for offers or products that we just didn’t care about. Although marketers may not realize it, these outreach misfires have long-lasting impacts: They annoy consumers and make them develop negative feelings about certain brands.

Your digital marketing efforts cost money, so why not spend it on a more constructive strategy? Using Adobe Target hones your outreach targeting practices so that you don’t have to fight an uphill battle against adverse sentiment. Instead, you can focus on packaging your message for maximum appeal and delivering it to the most lucrative market segments. Thanks to the power of Sensei’s machine learning, you get to make smarter decisions without spending years mastering the finer nuances of segmentation or building an experience management system from scratch.

Do You Have the Knowledge to Use Artificial Intelligence Intelligently?

As powerful as integrations like Adobe Target and Adobe Sensei are, it’s still vital that your implementation follows best practices to ensure you draw accurate conclusions from Big Data. Talking to TA Digital can help you perfect your personalization practices, schedule a quick consultation with one of our Adobe experts today.

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