Eliminating Bugs in Production Software With Predictive Analytics

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Predictive analytics is a discipline of statistics that have the ability to eliminate software errors by anticipating user behavior before it occurs. Using predictive analytics as part of an automated testing solution makes it possible to greatly reduce the expense of the software testing process while ensuring a greater likelihood of an error-free result than would be possible with human testing alone.

At TA Digital, our developers have helped numerous clients through the process of developing and testing applications and services. We stand behind the value of predictive analytics in software testing.

What Is Predictive Analytics?

It is an act of analyzing a set of data to predict unknown events. With a large enough data set, predictive analytics can identify unknown events in the past, present or future. It is possible to apply this to almost any business situation and become more agile and proactive as a result. Predictive analytics allows decision makers within an organization to plan for future events based on hard data rather than intuition and supposition.

Applied to software testing, predictive analytics has the ability to anticipate likely user input, determine how the software will react to the input and suggest possible changes for improving the performance or eliminating unwanted results.

How Predictive Analytics Changes Software Development

To get the most out of predictive analytics in software development and testing, the developers in your organization need to understand how it works and know how to get the most out of it. Rather than simply soliciting the opinions of volunteer testers, for example, your team will need access to the raw data from user sessions and must understand how to interpret that data.

The people on your team who will need access to the analytics include:

  • Project managers
  • Business analysts
  • Technical architects
  • Developers
  • Testers

Enhancing Predictive Analytics With User Feedback

Using this model for software testing doesn’t remove the need for user feedback. In fact, user feedback enhances the accuracy of predictive analytics and can help your business obtain a better result. During the testing phase of software development, no element of user feedback is too small or insignificant to collect. Some of the most crucial data points to collect include user sentiment and social media activity.

When testing your application, user feedback can:

  • Improve product efficiency
  • Eliminate compatibility issues
  • Eliminate bottlenecks and improve server performance
  • Ensure that you’re meeting your customers’ expectations
  • Solidify your goals and manage risk during the quality assurance process

Finding Data Points for Predictive Analytics

When using predictive analytics to enhance software testing, the best data points are the ones that your users provide. Some of the data sources that you can use to predict future user input include:

  • Test reports
  • Post-production reports
  • Software usage logs
  • Software documentation

Combining all of these data sources makes it easy to apply a predictive analytics approach and anticipate potential points of failure before they occur.

Shortening the Software Development Cycle

Combining predictive analytics with traditional software testing methods can allow your organization to build viable software more quickly. Since using predictive analytics can help you anticipate any potential interactions with an application before you release it, it also helps to eliminate the possibility of post-production bugs.

Having a shorter software development cycle is also good for your customers. Since you’ll save the time that you otherwise would have spent testing software manually, you’ll have more time to focus on serving customers’ needs. Since you’ll spend less time resolving issues with your software, your customers will have a better experience using it.

TA Digital’s Quality Assurance Services

At TA Digital, we believe that predictive analytics is an indispensable part of the software testing process. Our quality assurance approach can streamline every aspect of your company’s software development cycle from software design to release management. Our testing process helps to ensure that your applications and services function as they should and meet your customers’ expectations. Our testing also verifies the quality of your code to confirm that it is stable and contains no vulnerabilities.

Does your company need a partner that can help to make your next software release a successful one? Contact us now.

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