Decoding CICD in DevOps

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Decoding CICD in DevOps

Since the earliest age of commercial software, service delivery has always existed in a state of flux. Now, digital transformation is making the changes even more profound. More providers are adopting DevOps practices to conceptualize, create, and deploy at breakneck speeds, and the goal of building an enhanced customer experience draws ever closer. The only question is how to know when you’re truly applying DevOps correctly.

DevOps isn’t some mystical process or development philosophy fad. It consists of five clearly defined activities that you can’t afford to overlook: Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Cloud Infrastructure, Test Automation and Configuration Management. The biggest DevOps challenge that many organizations face is mastering the difficult practices of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery, or CICD.

Unscrambling CICD

CICD is the union of continuous integration, or CI, and continuous delivery, or CD. It’s important to know the difference between these commonly confused concepts.

Continuous Integration

Most companies develop software components in distinct units. With CI, however, they merge all of the working copies held by individual developers or teams into a shared software trunk on a regular basis. Such merge actions may occur multiple times daily.
In the old days, developers would chip away at individual coding problems for weeks before integrating their work into the main software trunk. This methodology led to unavoidable process inefficiencies because mistakes and incompatibilities could go undiscovered for so long. CI overcomes these issues by ensuring that automated building and testing occur without delay, which minimizes the fallout from unintended conflicts and overlooked errors.

Continuous Delivery

CD strategies take CI to the next logical step by automating delivery in the same fashion that CI streamlines development. Following a successful CI process application build, the resultant code goes to the quality assurance department for testing. If it passes all QA checks, it continues to the operations team for delivery to production-ready systems.

The Value of CICD

Depending on the way your company operates, CICD can let you deliver robust, usable software updates with increased frequency. Are large groups of users complaining about certain persistent glitches? Publishing daily updates with a shorter CICD process, à la Netflix, might make it easier to keep people satisfied. Or it could ensure that you’re able to deliver new features as they’re ready.

Getting the Most out of CICD

CICD doesn’t just magically work by itself. To reap the rewards, you need to implement a decent CI pipeline and a comprehensive CD system. The fact that it can require months to get these tools up and running is a hurdle for companies that want to rethink their approach to providing software. Fortunately, you can take some inspiration from these three examples of enterprises that became DevOps champions with TA Digital.

Global Shipping Registry Company: Drupal DevOps

When a global shipping registry company, wanted to rebuild its website, it approached us for insights. We devised a Drupal CI solution that was consistent with Drupal 8.0 source code. Our process-aware approach minimized variances between different environments and made it far easier to perform essential data deduplication efficiently.
Thanks to our work, our client now conducts 20 percent fewer operations tasks. It also gained the ability to automate its code-checking processes for Drupal, Drupal security, commenting and SQL standards as part of its new CI routine.

Global Provider of Information Technologies: Database and Code Automation

A global provider of information technologies that integrate a domain knowledge, software, and sensors into intelligent data ecosystems, had a problem. Its web traffic growth outpaced its network architecture’s capabilities, so it needed to scale up, optimize site performance, and ensure that users enjoyed responsive, reliable experiences regardless of peak periods. To make things easier, TA Digital implemented

  • Server redundancies that promoted availability,
  • Script automation for server synchronization,
  • Capacity planning to deal with node losses, and
  • Custom Azure Load Balancer configurations to accommodate 24/7 usage

With our device utilization assistance, Our Client sliced its server load in half. The company also lowered its resource size by 62 percent.

Manufacturing Client: QA Automation

This Japanese electronic test equipment manufacturer wanted to migrate from TeamSite to Sitecore. Unfortunately, it faced the massive prospect of needing to automate its entire application development lifecycle process and wade through a swamp of inefficient build cycles. It also needed to overcome its achingly slow code updates and the unacceptable downtime that came with them. TA Digital was the logical choice for help.

We successfully introduced CI practices that included automated builds for 11 applications. By implementing two load-balanced production instances for each web app, we ensured that our client could update its software without a second of downtime. We also delivered increased control over QA and build processes and minimized human error by eliminating the need for manual intervention.

Is It High Time for You to Conquer DevOps?

With more than ten certifications and a talent pool of engineering rock stars, TA Digital is your premier option for enterprise-ready CICD solutions. Our specialized alliances with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure make us the ideal partner when you need to do DevOps right.

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