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TA Digital: Creating Better Customer Relationships With Microsoft Dynamics CRM

A great CRM creates an intensely loyal customer base by utilizing the benefits of technology to build more effective business processes that bring people together. At TA Digital, we deliver CRM solutions that combine the best aspects of cloud computing, enterprise mobility, and business intelligence.

Our experts utilize the most powerful CRM platforms available — such as Microsoft CRM and — to build digital solutions that empower the people in your organization to become integral components of a strong and deepening business-client relationship. From the initial conceptualization and development of your company’s CRM solution to the testing, deployment and management phases, we are your organization’s partner every step of the way.



What Can a CRM Do for Your Organization?

When we develop your organization’s CRM solution, these are some of the features that you can expect it to have:

Marketing Automation: Repetition is often a key component of effective marketing. When new prospects enter your system, your marketers need to be prompt in engaging those prospects with messages that reflect their interests and needs. Often, your organization needs to touch a prospect many times — telling the prospect a story and illustrating your company’s unique value proposition — to earn a conversion. Marketing automation makes it possible to write the story in advance. Begin an automated campaign with the click of a button — or let the prospect trigger it by performing a certain action.

Sales Management: A CRM tracks every interaction that occurs between a customer and your organization. Website visits, specific pages viewed, marketing messages sent and outbound calls from your sales staff can all appear automatically in a customer’s CRM profile. Tracking every interaction eliminates duplicated effort and creates a more efficient sales force.

Customer Service Automation: A CRM can eliminate repeated calls to your company’s call center and lead to significantly faster issue resolution. When a customer calls your contact center, your CRM can automatically display the customer’s file on the agent’s screen. A CRM can also play automatic voice recordings to help customers resolve their own issues without speaking to agents.

Location Sensing: A CRM can use a customer’s location — taken either from the customer’s profile or from the approximate location of the customer’s IP address — to display location-based marketing. Salespeople can also use the geolocation features of a CRM to find nearby prospects.

What Can a CRM Do for Your Customers?

A CRM can make your organization more efficient and profitable. Although efficiency greatly benefits your company’s bottom line, the act of becoming more efficient also means that you’re providing a better experience to your customers. These are a few of the ways in which a CRM can benefit your customers:

  • A CRM helps you maintain contact with the customers who most want to hear from you.
  • A CRM allows your organization to provide customer service over the channels most convenient to your customers.
  • A CRM helps your salespeople and marketers deliver the messages that your customers want.
  • A CRM makes your company more efficient and may make it possible for you to offer lower prices.
  • A CRM helps you resolve customers’ issues more quickly.
  • A CRM can track customer interactions over any channel.

What Are the Most Popular CRM Platforms?

Most major corporations choose Microsoft CRM and as their CRM solutions. Some smaller companies use different CRM solutions, but Microsoft and are the two leading CRM providers overall today.

How Have CRM Systems Evolved?

As long as commerce has existed, businesses have kept lists of their customers. Many people agree, though, that current CRMs represent the pinnacle of modern customer-centric thinking. Consumers have limitless information at their fingertips, and they, as a result, have more power than ever. To market effectively, companies need CRM systems that go the extra mile to keep customers engaged and satisfied.

Modern CRMs increasingly take mobility into account. The people who use CRMs — such as salespeople and marketers — need the ability to access the information anywhere, so a modern CRM will work flawlessly with iOS, Android, and Windows Phone devices.

Salespeople and marketers keep their productivity high by accessing a variety of different tools while they work. The people in your company might use tools from Microsoft or Google for email, scheduling, and office document creation. They might use Yammer or Qontext to communicate with customers on social media. A modern CRM should have the ability to integrate seamlessly with the tools that your organization uses.

Why Does TA Digital Recommend Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

Out of the box, Microsoft Dynamics is a CRM package that delivers an excellent combination of customer service, marketing, and sales features. These are just a few of the features that Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers:

  • Provides a comprehensive solution for managing customer support
  • Integrates with social media to provide insights into customer behavior and sentiment
  • Includes built-in support for all mobile devices
  • Runs from your own server or from the cloud

Microsoft offers the Dynamics CRM in two different configurations:

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online: Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online runs from the cloud, and Microsoft sells access to it on a subscription basis. Microsoft handles all aspects of server management including provisioning, security, and upgrades. The cloud-based implementation of Microsoft Dynamics is ideal for companies that want to minimize their IT expenses.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM On Premises: Deploying Microsoft Dynamics CRM on your own servers gives your company the ability to customize everything about its CRM implementation. You can choose your own hardware, configure Microsoft Dynamics CRM to your specifications and integrate it with any of your organization’s other software.

Why Is Microsoft Dynamics CRM a Great Solution for Your Business?

Intuitive: With an interface that’s instantly familiar, Microsoft Dynamics is a CRM that enables salespeople, marketers and support staff to become productive immediately.

Growth-Focused: Provides the data that your organization needs to make intelligent decisions.

Connected: Integrates with your organization’s existing solutions, social media profiles and more to connect your people with your customers and build deeper relationships.

How Microsoft Dynamics CRM Works for Your Business Units

Marketing: Microsoft Dynamics CRM simplifies your organization’s marketing efforts with features for audience segmentation, automation, analytics and campaign tracking.

Sales: Microsoft Dynamics CRM tracks every interaction that occurs between your company and its customers to provide real-time reports identifying which customers are ready to convert.

Customer Service: Microsoft Dynamics CRM streamlines customer service by ensuring that every agent who handles an inbound customer contact knows everything that has occurred previously. You’ll resolve issues more quickly, and your agents will avoid the customer frustration that results from repeating troubleshooting steps.

How Microsoft Dynamics CRM Empowers Your Business With Information

Analytics: Reports and data visualizations tell you everything that you need to know about your business’s marketing and sales efforts at a glance.

Streamlined Workflows: Automation and guided workflows increase the efficiency of your organization’s processes.

Opportunity Identification: Automatic customer segmentation and response tracking combine to produce actionable insights and identify top sales opportunities.

Key Metric Tracking: Displays detailed reports of your organization’s key performance indicators to help you track your progress and identify areas where improvement is needed.

Increased Efficiency: Built-in tools allow your business to import data from many sources, keep your data secure and audit the ways in which employees interact with the data.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Is Easy to Manage

Although Microsoft Dynamics is one of the world’s most feature-rich CRMs, Microsoft also designed it from the ground up to be as easy as possible to manage. Some of the ways in which Microsoft Dynamics streamlines the CRM management process include:

  • Management of business documents including customer contacts, sales documents, and marketing assets
  • Management of teams with built-in features for access control, case management and escalation between departments
  • Identification of valuable potential relationships through business connections, personal relationships, and social media influence
  • Creation of online portals to help your customers resolve their own issues and contact your company easily if self-help fails
  • Remote access — through any device — to increase worker productivity away from the office
  • Extensible functionality through the addition of solutions from Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace

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