How To Use AEM to Adeptly Manage Content Across All Channels

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Your brand presence is growing. Is your content management strategy maturing to match? As you make a name for yourself in different channels, you can’t afford to lose control of the marketing assets that serve as your calling card.

Do consumers engage with your brand via multiple channels? If the experience is anything but utterly seamless, then you run the risk of losing their attention, goodwill, and loyalty in one fell swoop. Follow these tips to use Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) to keep the narrative intact.

The Goal of Content Management

Omnichannel content management is the best way to keep journeys harmonious and accommodating no matter which paths your audience take. It helps you keep your company at the forefront of the collective consciousness by upholding your branding standards, letting you execute statistically valid testing and ensuring that the end-to-end experience remains consistent even if viewer habits don’t.

Short of being omniscient, however, it can be hard to maintain the broad perspective that lets you oversee all of the channels you’re dipping your toes into. AEM’s native and extendable faculties help you expand your viewpoint while retaining centralized oversight capabilities.

Start With Smoother Workflows

Streamlining your content creation, deployment, management and refinement processes can have a huge impact on your bottom line results. If you’re trying to get a clear message across, then being able to minimize distractions and lower time to market helps you preserve the purity of the sentiment you wish to evoke.

It doesn’t matter whether your marketing concepts start in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign or on the back of a napkin. You need to integrate your workflows into a manageable and auditable process. Use AEM to link the creative processes required to get ideas to deployment-ready states.

Since AEM is integrated with Adobe Creative Cloud, you can easily centralize procedures like asset creation, review and approval, which dramatically reduces the amount of overhead associated with talking to consumers. Adobe Experience Manager also lets you manage previously created assets from a simple dashboard to share them with company users and branch locations.

Attain True Cross-channel Consistency

There are many ways to build uniform cross-channel experiences, but some are superior to others. The more effort that you invest in designing experiences for various channels, the harder it is to do other things, and as project time requirements increase, so does the possibility of scope creep.

Stop spending hours creating and adapting experiences by switching to AEM. It features quick workflows that let you design for everything from phones to desktops using the same content.

Once, you suffered through lengthy development processes that involved updating your deployment versions for each device you targeted. Now, you can just implement universal source code changes and update everything in one simple step. In addition to keeping you from experiencing the sheer torture of being stuck in development cycle hell, this makes it easier to keep sight of your creative objectives and business goals.

Inject Your Brand Into the Social Conversation

Marketers have long viewed social media as a gold mine, so you’re up against plenty of competition. To get consumers on your side, you really need to stand out with authentic content.

What’s the best way to present a genuine brand presence on social media? Leveraging the user-generated content (UGC) that makes these platforms tick is a surefire strategy.

Use AEM’s Livefyre to reuse content from influencers, your fans and brand evangelists all over the world. By drawing from platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other hot spots, you can share actual experiences to give your brand heightened appeal and cultivate lasting loyalty. It’s also easy to organize, tag, publish and manage licensing rights to content.

Personalize Like a Professional

Personalization is challenging because you don’t actually know the people you’re trying to win over. It’s far from a guessing game, however. Informing your actions with real-life data and continually refining your understanding of audiences are the best ways to address segments using information that never loses relevance.

Perfect personalization doesn’t happen overnight. Take advantage of AEM to discover the right way to optimize experiences. Since Adobe solutions are deeply integrated, you can bring all of your resources together to solve personalization problems that might normally overwhelm you.

Want to learn which of your assets deliver the best results? AEM makes testing easy. Are you having a tough time catering to a user group that prefers specific devices? With AEM, platform optimization is a worry of the past. Since you have the power to realize personal experiences faster, you can finally improve your tactics and provide consumers with more enjoyable experiences.

Redefine the Way You Work to Focus on Content

There are many secrets to effective content management. One of the most important isn’t a technique or tool but rather a philosophy: If your content isn’t central to what you’re doing, then you’ll find it impossible to keep your broader objectives at the forefront.

Use AEM to make asset management less involved. It caters to your execs, external agency partners, and creative teams so that they can concentrate on realizing content that resonates. Since you don’t have to deal with distractions like trying to annotate images, convert metadata, secure shared asset storage or reformat for print, you can devote more brainpower to what’s important: Creating an impact on your audience.

Refine Your Approach

Once you’re armed with content, you need to verify its efficacy. Testing introduces confusing data sets and variables into already complex equations, however. It’s vital to find a solution that handles the information you’re generating seamlessly.

Integrate AEM with tools like Adobe Target and Adobe Analytics to conduct straightforward testing and derive insights from your existing content in real time. Try using the dashboards and data visualizations to learn more about which campaign elements make ripples with your audiences.

Stop Letting Channels Stand in the Way of Your Content Management

Abandon the mindset that channel differences should shape your content creation and delivery processes. Although there are certainly important functional distinctions between media like print and mobile, you’ll need to reshape your thought processes if you want to send universal messages that speak to all audiences.

Shifting to a new philosophy of content management can be hard. TA Digital has helped numerous businesses ease the transition to emerge with their corporate cultures intact and their branding more robust.

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