Building a Stronger Brand Leveraging an Omni-Channel Platform

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Leveraging an Omnichannel Platform to Build a Stronger Brand

You know it’s vital to imbue your brand with the strength that it needs to go further. Recognizing a need and actually following through are two very different undertakings, however, and you’re at somewhat of a loss for where to start. Could using an omnichannel marketing platform be the secret?

As our extensive prior experience has demonstrated, omnichannel marketing is a highly effective way to fortify a brand. Check out some of these benefits.

You Can Create Worthwhile Bonds

Regardless whether you’re focusing solely on your Twitter following or building a complete content management system for a sales site, your brand thrives on connections. Although anyone can create a fleeting link with a consumer simply by sending them marketing materials, omnichannel strategies help you build stable relationships.

Omnichannel platforms built around Adobe Experience Manager ease the process of promoting rewarding interactions. By constructing experiences that clients genuinely like and refining your offerings as people’s preferences change, you can entice consumers to maintain your shared relationship.

You Get to Interact Naturally

Consumers may contact you for various reasons, but no matter why they reach out, they’d prefer not to wait around for responses. Omnichannel brand and content management let you furnish the answers that users crave as efficiently as possible.

The Benefits of Uninhibited Interaction

Spreading your attention to multiple social media platforms, for instance, lets you address concerns as they arise. Compared to traditional customer service avenues, they also highlight your humanity.

When you use diverse platforms uniformly by working with an omnichannel oversight tool, you can also provide consumers with superior service. Suppose a prior shopper sends you a complaint via their Facebook profile. Why just reply with some rote answer when you can also look up the purchase in their Facebook-linked account and provide situation-specific options in your response?

Being able to follow up in real time makes you better at actually providing workable solutions. Software integrations that correlate consumer data across different platforms increase your ability to respond promptly with useful help. It also grants your company staying power in the minds of consumers who come to view your brand as a personable team instead of some unfeeling, faceless corporation.

You Can Give Your Offerings Increased Value

With an omnichannel marketing platform, you get to aggregate feedback from a broader range of important sources. This ability subtly changes your perspective by allowing you to see the connections between your service features and what people actually find useful. In other words, you can use your expanded presence to gauge sentiment more accurately.

Why Aren’t You Rewarding Engagement?

Imagine that your brick-and-mortar bakery maintains a popular reward card program. One day, you decide to let people check in online and track the rewards that they’ve collected for making in-store purchases. You’ve instantly given customers additional incentives to interact with your brand in the real world and the digital arena.

Now consider how much easier you could make your patrons’ lives by offering a mobile app that lets them purchase merchandise or pre order treats for their next office board meeting. As you expand to new marketing channels and provide useful services, you automatically heighten the overall worth of your offerings and promote self-driven engagement.

Tell a More Interesting Story

Switching to an omnichannel platform also presents you with a unique opportunity to shape narratives. Offering exclusive perks for users of specific channels lets you increase engagement in a targeted, precise fashion. Giving consumers more options to interact with the same content via their platforms of choice makes them feel increasingly satisfied with their experiences as a whole.

Building and sharing your brand’s story is about more than just revealing your interesting origins. The way you interact with consumers is an important part of your tale, and rewarding certain types of engagement is an excellent means of guiding your growth.

You Can Cultivate a Truly Approachable Brand

Establishing a reliable point of contact takes work, but the more avenues of approach you keep well-maintained, the more people will feel like reaching out. The only problem is that it’s impossible to manage dozens of different channels at once.

An omnichannel methodology gives you optimal exposure and accessibility. If a customer can get in touch no matter where they are or when the urge strikes them, you can bet that they’ll be prone to speak their mind freely. When the shopping cart updates that they make using your web app propagate to their accounts on their tablets, they’ll come to associate you with effortless convenience. In a world where such seamless usability is commonplace, failing to keep up is like locking your growth potential in a cage and expecting it to soar.

You Can Better Understand Behaviors

Why did someone start shopping on their tablet, forget about it for a few days and then suddenly finalize their purchase from their computer in the wee hours of the morning? What makes so many of your regular patron’s cash in their accumulated reward card points on Monday? Questions like these can be incredibly confounding when you aren’t attuned to omnichannel trends.

The behaviors that impact your revenue streams and decide how happy your customers are aren’t single-channel phenomena. They spread further than digital platforms or real-world retail facilities, and you can’t necessarily track their entire development.

You only have a finite number of points of contact with the stream of events that motivates consumers. One of the biggest benefits of omnichannel marketing platforms is that they tie the data from these touch points together into a richer tapestry of useful information that unravels mission-critical quandaries.

Making the Omnichannel Transition

To an individual customer, your branding must appear uniform, but you have limited resources to reach an extremely broad audience of consumers who all make similar demands. Omnichannel solutions based on Adobe Marketing Cloud can help you ensure that none of these lofty expectations go unfulfilled.

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