How Will You Benefit From Integrating MongoDB With AEM?

By Niharika Singh 3 min read

Your quest for a more uniform user experience depends on persistent data, but it’s up to you to choose how to keep the right information well-organized and instantly accessible. While consumers are hopping between devices and crossing channels with reckless abandon, you’re struggling to make sense of the data they leave in their wake.

Will your archaic database practices mean that you get left behind?

Perhaps it’s time to reconsider your storage layer. Here are eight quick ways MongoDB caters to your pursuit of progress, especially if you integrate it with Adobe Experience Manager (AEM).

1. MongoDB Scales Right Out of the Box

MongoDB is designed to accommodate distributed cloud implementations and balance usage loads. Instead of having to modify it to leverage growth capacity, users can rely on its horizontal scaling. There’s even an Automatic Sharding function that makes it simple to grow or shrink on demand without having to rethink the back end first.

2. MongoDB Facilitates AEM Clustering

Experience management and content delivery require significant computing power. MongoDB’s capability to run on multiple servers comes in handy when you want to implement AEM clustering to make better decisions with limited resources. You can automate cluster provisioning and monitor node health in real time to make your solution as efficient as possible.

3. MongoDB Handles User-generated Content With Less Overhead

The MongoDB core is designed to reduce unnecessary replication. Since you can read and write to a single AEM storage layer, it’s easier to handle user-generated content or UGC, fluidly. Each storage or retrieval operation requires fewer steps, making them far less burdensome overall. Since this document-oriented database supports primary and secondary indexing, however, you still retain sufficient flexibility for Big Data tasks.

4. MongoDB Authors Can Be Distributed Globally

The authors that access your MongoDB storage layer won’t necessarily be collocated or even work from the same data centers. MongoDB accommodates this reality by allowing global author teams to scale along with their data and needs.

5. MongoDB Is Self-healing

When problems cause data corruption, it could compromise your entire experience management strategy. Luckily for your marketing team, MongoDB can repair itself without waiting for your intervention.

Instead of settling for costly downtime whenever the system experiences a hiccup, you can count on this storage layer to natively replicate crucial data. This kind of inherent disaster recovery keeps your apps available and minimizes the amount of maintenance that you have to perform to return to a healthy state.

6. MongoDB Supports Active/Active Clusters

High-availability, or HA, clusters use redundant nodes to automatically restart applications that were running at the time of hardware failures. Unlike other databases, MongoDB can implement active/active architectures that provide load balancing and traffic transfers without you needing to set up complicated multi-node communication schemes. In other words, high availability is no longer a pipe dream.

7. MongoDB Deals With Common Availability Concerns

MongoDB doesn’t just help you survive losses and disasters. It also makes it easier to manage your AEM systems without causing huge disruptions. For instance, since it automatically deploys at least three nodes for every replica set, you have the freedom to conduct routine maintenance or experiment locally. You can also isolate workloads using replicas to avoid competition for resources.

8. AEM Is a Certified MongoDB Enterprise Advanced Solution

One of the biggest benefits of using MongoDB for your AEM persistent storage is that the two tools are proven to work together. MongoDB and Adobe work to ensure that their software packages cooperate. You can also leverage your Enterprise Advanced subscription to get Adobe to raise tickets with MongoDB when things go wrong.

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