How Artificial Intelligence is Revolutionizing Digital Marketing

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Technology has advanced rapidly over the years. It has made a huge impact on the global economy. There has been a major shift from offline channels to the digital platforms, giving the consumers an omnichannel experience. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the intelligence displayed by machines, which is equal or better than that of humans, and is being used rampantly in various technologies. According to a survey 51% of marketers are already using AI and by end of 2019, 27% more are planning to incorporate it. The reason is that initially marketers hesitated to use AI as they found it ambiguous, but recently after seeing the success rate, they thought of incorporating it in digital marketing. Now it has improved marketing strategies and boosted many businesses. AI keeps evolving and is essential for any digital products these days.

AI technology is an asset and it has made lives easier for marketers, as it automates work, enhances the performance and reduces errors. It is designed to understand the preferences, needs and purchasing pattern of the customers, in order to serve them better and help them make the right purchasing decision. This personalized interaction enhances the customer experience.

Let us look at how digital marketers use AI:

1. Predicting Customer Behavior:

The data derived from customers by the AI technology allows marketers predict the behavior of their customers and their purchase trends with predictive analytics and propensity modeling. These help in suggesting various products to the customers and improving their services. This leads to the increases in the return on investments (ROI). Since AI tools automatically learn and improve from experiences, it helps marketers to strategize and compete in the global market.

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2. Personalization of User Experience (UX)

AI tools are an asset to marketers as it aids them not only in email campaigns but also the web, as they are constantly evolving, learning, improving and analyzing. The integration of AI helps the marketer in improving the customer experience, by optimizing ad campaigns and push notifications. It predicts the market trends too. So, products, services, content and offers are generated to the right customers at the right time, based on the location, or device, previous interactions and stats. The content is so personalized and relevant to the customer that it builds their trust on the business and keeps them loyal.

AI technology also boosts SEO’s, as it aids the marketers to analyze customer data and create predictive strategies. This improves and helps marketing campaigns by creating smart ads that are customized for certain search queries. Since AI analyzes the user’s data, it creates ads according to their preferences and interests. AI has made it easier for marketers to build on their customer relationship.

3. Utilizing Chatbots to Improve User Experience (UX)

Digital Marketers these days are improving user experience by using AI powered live chatbots. They have certain features like: they respond and solve issues instantly; they have human like conversations that are highly interactive as well as courteous to their customers, they are available 24×7, and can handle multiple requests and queries simultaneously keeping in mind the customers details, so they don’t have to repeat themselves. To assist the customer in a better way, marketers use these chatbots in websites, apps, text messages and emails. Such factors make the customer journey simple and delightful.

4. Optimizing Text and Voice Search

With the advancement of AI, most of the digital products have transitioned from text to voice. Digital marketers are optimizing websites for voice search, and simultaneously keeping the text-based search too. They are also incorporating voice search queries that can answer directly to the searcher by directing them to web pages that give them direct answers to questions or probable questions. Marketers use this technology to also create local landing pages based on various locations to target the customer.

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5. Creating Content

AI technology has reduced the work load for marketers as they aid in performing daily tasks, as well as produce relevant creative content faster. It has assisted marketers primarily on data focused contents and personalized marketing contents. It has also helped optimize email campaigns by automatically generating content for emails at regular intervals and respond to them promptly.

AI has clearly revolutionized the digital marketing arena. With the AI technology marketers can connect and understand their consumers in a better way than before. Now that they have integrated AI into other marketing strategies it has made marketing more effective.

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