Adobe Analytics: Unlocking the Power of Machine Learning

By Kishore Panangipalli V S K 5 min read

Does your company still use analytics primarily as a means of seeing how many visits your website receives and learning what your most popular content is? With a more intelligent analytics platform, you can access the data that your company needs to make better decisions and understand where your revenue truly comes from.

At TA Digital, we have experienced great results when setting our clients up with the Adobe Analytics Ultimate platform. What can Adobe do for your company? Let’s examine some of its features.

Adobe Analytics Ultimate Tracks the Entire Customer Journey

Customers don’t only interact with your company through your website. You can also collect valuable interaction data from your brick-and-mortar stores, email campaigns, social media profiles, mobile marketing and more. If you’re using separate platforms to collect customer analytics from all of your data sources, you’re getting a disjointed view of the path to purchase. With Adobe, you can unify all of your data sources to track customer engagement wherever it occurs.

Since Adobe tracks interactions across all of your data sources, it allows you to:

  • Build detailed profiles that help you uncover customers’ interests and market to clients on a one-to-one basis
  • Understand the off-site interactions that frequently lead to conversion
  • Gain a more complete understanding of how every touch point affects the customer journey

Adobe Analytics Ultimate Enables Advanced Segmentation

Segmentation is the key to effective digital marketing. Although automated personalization can help your messages resonate with individual customers, you still have to write the text in your messages manually. Creating a message that customers will open and read requires headlines and body text tailored to your customers’ interests — and the best way to tailor your messages is by segmenting your customers.

Are you segmenting your customer base arbitrarily according to details such as demographics and purchase histories? Information such as demographic details can help you predict statistical likelihoods, but demographics don’t tell you the whole story. By combining that information with records of events that have actually occurred — product views and purchases, mobile marketing campaign responses and more — you can discover new statistical similarities and common interests among your customers.

The best part of Adobe’s advanced segmentation capabilities is that you don’t have to find the segments yourself. Adobe’s Segment IQ combines information about who your customers are with data about how customers have interacted with your brand to help you analyze the correlation between customer analytics and purchase outcomes. By improving the accuracy of your customer segmentation, your marketing messages will become more relevant — and you’ll get better results.

Adobe Optimizes Your Digital Marketing Efforts

Attribution Identifies Crucial Customer Interactions

How does your company attribute marketing efforts to the sales that they generate? If you’re like many businesses, you probably use last-click attribution — if you attribute sales at all. If a customer clicks a link in a marketing campaign before buying a product, last-click attribution attributes the sale to that campaign. The problem with attributing a conversion to the last click, though, is that it doesn’t paint a complete picture of the customer journey. Was it really the marketing campaign that stimulated the sale, or was it the series of informative social media posts that the customer viewed the week before? The only way to truly understand how customer interactions lead to conversion is to track interactions on every channel. Adobe doesn’t just collect the data; its machine learning algorithms can discover the correlations between interactions and purchases. Adobe’s artificial intelligence identifies the actions that truly result in a conversion.

Personalized Content Helps Customers Find What They Want

If your company has a large product selection — or your website has a large library of content — it can be difficult for customers to find what they want. With personalization, you can delight your customers by showing them content and products that will interest them.

Many website content management systems have the ability to display personalized content. The problem with some personalization algorithms, though, is that they simply aren’t very good. An algorithm that personalizes content from only one data source — such as a customer’s purchase history — may often get its recommendations wrong because it doesn’t have a complete picture of who the customer is and what he wants. Linking Adobe Sensei — Adobe’s machine learning engine for personalized content — to Adobe’s analytics package means that your website will draw from all customer interactions when selecting personalized content to display.

Adobe’s analytics solution doesn’t only collect data on customer interactions; it also tracks responses to personalized content. With that data, Adobe Sensei finds correlations between customers and their reactions to personalized content. Adobe Sensei’s artificial intelligence provides better recommendations the longer you continue to use it.

Website Analysis Gives You a Deeper Understanding of Your Conversion Process

Adobe Sensei doesn’t only use analytics data to provide personalized content. When you study Adobe’s analytics report, you’ll see an intuitive visualization of the typical user flow through your website. In addition to displaying the actions that take place on your website, the visualization will also show you your website’s incoming traffic sources. If users leave your website to view other properties that you also own, Adobe’s analytics report can show you where your users go after leaving your website.

Adobe Sensei can also identify unusual trends in your analytics report. Has your website experienced a sudden spike in views of a particular product? Adobe Sensei identifies the trend, giving you an opportunity to capitalize on it in real time. Has website abandonment suddenly increased when visitors view your checkout page? Your website might have a technical issue that prevents some customers from buying. Adobe’s real-time notifications help you deal with website issues before they severely impact your revenue.

Adobe’s Analytics Platform Helps You Predict the Future

When you use Adobe’s analytics platform, you aren’t just looking at reports detailing the events that have already occurred; you’re looking at what’s happening right now. The real-time view of customer interactions isn’t just useful for responding to potential problems and emerging trends — it can also help you connect to customers when they’re most interested in what your company offers.

Has your website just captured a new lead? Using the lead’s previous interactions, Adobe can compare the lead to your other customers. Is the lead likely to buy a product? Is he likely to become one of your best customers? Adobe can tell you the statistical likelihood of every scenario. If Adobe gives a lead a high score, you can invest extra marketing resources nurturing that lead because you’ll know that the returns will make the expense worthwhile.

Putting It All Together

Data is the key to success for any company. Data helps you understand customer sentiment surrounding your brand. It gives you the information necessary to get the most out of your marketing efforts. It can even help you identify the people most likely to spend significant money on your products. An analytics package can only do all of those things for you, though, with the right data. We recommend Adobe’s analytics package to our clients because it draws data from all of your company’s channels to give you a complete picture of what’s happening with your brand. Combining the analytics package with Adobe’s AI services improves your company’s efficiency by helping you get the most out of every marketing dollar you spend.

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Kishore Panangipalli V S K

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