9 Essential Things You Need to Know About Adobe DAM

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Digital asset management, or DAM, is a critical part of any modern marketing strategy. To speak to audiences in a fashion that resonates with them, you must commit to sending your messages in a form that promotes engagement. You can’t afford to relinquish tight control over your marketing assets, especially if you want the content experiences that you deliver to have a worthwhile impact.

Fortunately, Adobe Experience Manager, or AEM, comes with a complete set of DAM capabilities. Adobe DAM makes it possible to engineer amazing brand experiences and campaigns whose content reflects the goals that motivate your outreach.

Of course, just having amazing features isn’t enough. It’s also important to understand how to make them work within your mission and corporate culture. Since so many people ask us how to get started with Adobe DAM, here are nine critical things that we at the TA Digital team think you ought to know.

How Will DAM Transform Your Marketing Innovation?

DAM’s capabilities are legendary among those who want to deliver relevant experiences.

1. You Can Unify Your Content Creation and Deployment Processes

Why should you switch to Adobe AEM-DAM? In all likelihood, your designers, campaign managers, and leaders are already using Adobe Creative Cloud products to realize the visual, audio and textual content that your ads revolve around. With DAM, you don’t have to worry about getting everything to work together because it’s deeply integrated with Creative Cloud.

DAM lets you collaborate with everyone from independent contractors and in-house designers to major branding agencies. As a result, it’s extremely straightforward to flesh out a well-stocked repository of digital campaign assets that you can use to communicate your message to audiences. Since everything ties into a unified DAM layer, you can also track the efficacy of your processes from conceptualization to deployment as you zero in on potential improvements.

2. Your Format Woes Are Over

When your designers and other creatives make content, you usually have to spend time ensuring that it translates properly, but this doesn’t just mean localizing media for specific countries and markets. In addition to having to speak the languages that your audiences speak, you must ensure that your media is formatted properly for the hardware they favor.

DAM is compatible with all modern file types, not just Adobe’s native formats. From Microsoft Office and Open Office to common archive and RAW image standards, it can help you integrate rich media into your marketing plan seamlessly using file type-specific extended capabilities, such as

  • Transcoding and compressing,
  • Indexed searching that supports full text,
  • Extracting sub assets, and
  • Extracting metadata.

Since DAM employs an architecture that’s firmly rooted in adherence to common open standards, you can also utilize various formats on any output channel or production ecosystem. Whether you’re working in print and mobile or social media and email, nothing’s stopping you from bringing your marketing assets across the channel barriers that once stood in the way of totally unified campaigns.

3. You Get to Do More With Metadata

Metadata in DAM is far more exhaustive than in many other systems. In addition to every asset having metadata that corresponds to its creation and formatting, DAM lets you organize your marketing materials according to your own custom standards and categories.

Don’t feel like using DAM for your metadata? Adobe Experience Manager also plays well with other digital asset management solutions, so it’s never been simpler to edit metadata bi-directionally and still have it work with all of your marketing tools.

Roundtripping support also means that meta data gets preserved as your assets migrate through the creative process, so your edits persist for all users. Tagging powered by artificial intelligence ensures that you don’t have to slave over huge batches of assets to keep everything orderly.

4. You Can Focus on Overarching Workflows Instead of Getting Tunnel Vision

AEM-DAM lets you do more than simply create, edit and share individual assets. Since successful marketing is a results-driven undertaking that thrives on process oversight, DAM gives you the power to not only view asset handling from an end-to-end perspective but also create your own custom workflows.

DAM’s workflow creator empowers marketers, creatives, and team leaders to build or identify their own unique mission-critical tasks within the content creation and delivery process. From there, they can create extensible workflows that precisely dictate the life cycles of their digital assets.

DAM also makes it possible to run routine tasks to conserve staff resources. For example, you can render assets, create thumbnails, add watermarks and apply other important jobs to batches of assets. You can also set up email notifications that ensure the different stakeholders in your workflow know exactly where the process is at every stage. With easy distribution based on metadata, support for third-party transcoding, automated conversion, tagging that reflects broader industry taxonomies and bulk operations like importing and editing, DAM’s web-based workflow editor makes it simple to keep everyone in the loop regardless how complicated distribution gets.

5. Your Assets Are About to Go Global

You’ve spent long days working hard to create the perfect marketing assets. Why should you have to struggle to publish and share them?

DAM supports interactive portals that let your business users access assets from anywhere at any time. Smart lightbox functionality mirrors the batch task features found in the workflow editor, so anyone in your organization can make basic modifications or search for assets as needed to overcome deployment hurdles. Local users can also add comments and annotations that facilitate communicative collaboration.

DAM works around a globally accessible repository that includes native version control and robust availability, but what if you want your asset distribution to adhere to a specific formula or pattern? Just set access roles and permissions at the item or group level to ensure that the right people get the right marketing materials and assets.

Ideally, your marketing plan will help your brand footprint grow beyond borders or geography. DAM is equipped to help you make the transition smoothly with automatic support for French, German, English, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Italian and Japanese. Since it’s fully Unicode-capable, you can publish in any language without having to fiddle with low-level settings or lose sleep at night.

6. Your Media Will Become More Versatile

DAM incorporates dynamic imaging capabilities that dramatically lighten your workload and convert static content to living, breathing, web-ready media. You can construct online journeys around your master assets on demand. This ensures that your user experiences still reflect the standards established by your branding guidelines and cross-channel campaigns.

DAM allows you to transform original imagery into countless formats that help you deliver a more optimal experience to all users. You can

Change sizes, formats, effects, cropping, resolution and other factors,

  • Improve conversions using targeted content,
  • Minimize deployment time and overhead,
  • Create more interactive experiences, and
  • Scale efficiently regardless of platform.

7. You’ll Master the Art of Video

No matter what, you have to fight for people’s attention. With DAM, it’s possible to create, tweak and deploy interactive video experiences that drive engagement and increase conversion rates. Even better, you can add clickable CTAs, build targeted templates and execute the entire publishing workflow from within one tool.

DAM serves content via a single URL call to ensure that your message reaches people without stuttering or monopolizing system resources. It also lets your content scale along with your audiences and their devices of choice. When it’s time to insert personalized offers or time-sensitive promo content, you can do so in a few short minutes, and since playback is always optimized, your in-depth analytics and reporting won’t even detract from the viewing experience.

8. Web Content and Experience Management Comes Included

DAM’s architecture uses the same technology stack as AEM. This shared foundation means that you can instantly switch gears to start managing user experiences based on the content you’ve been creating and deploying in DAM. With AEM, you get the benefit of DAM enhancements along with a convenient desktop or web app that powers complete integration.

9. Your Message Is About to Get Way More Personal

Who is your marketing material supposed to be addressing? Your audiences are constantly changing, so DAM makes it possible for them to choose how they interact with your products and services.

DAM includes support for a complete customization engine that you can deploy to any website. Want to show consumers what your retail items will look like in different materials or colors? Upload a single product image, scene or photo. Then, specify what kinds of options you want to present. DAM will automatically create controls that customers can use to view different styles.

Marketers can even include customization features like letting people choose their own fonts, graphics and decals. DAM applies their changes in real time. This method is way more efficient than uploading a photo for every variation, and since DAM integrates all of your assets, you can ensure accuracy by linking branded design elements to personalized product options.

Give Your Digital Assets the Context That Makes Them Relevant

Digital asset management makes your job as a marketer much easier, but it’s about more than mere convenience. Using DAM gives you the advanced control required to make your content feel alive and pertinent to individual viewers.

Are you ready to connect with people on a personal level without marketing dominating your time and focus? Ask TA Digital how to integrate DAM into your current workflows Or talk to us to discuss creating a new custom solution.

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