5 Ways AI Will Improve Marketing Automation

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According to a research by Forbes, more than 50% of marketers will adopt Artificial Intelligence by 2019.

But statistics may sometimes hide more than they reveal. Besides, for the sake of analysis it’s prudent to challenge data and research every once in a while. So let’s pause for a moment and take a closer look. For an average marketer in today’s digitally connected era, the two biggest challenges are –

  1. Managing and increasing efficiencies in marketing operations
  2. Delivering personalized and relevant experiences across channels

You probably understand the scale and complexity of these challenges, and realize why it’s a smart decision for organizations to make investments in marketing automation. However, even though marketing automation has made it easier to streamline operations and execute repetitive tasks, Artificial Intelligence is taking it to the next level by multiplying its capabilities to do more with minimal human intervention.

This blog post will focus on the 5 ways AI is set to change Marketing Automation.

1. Scaling your content for a global audience

Marketing Automation allows you to orchestrate and deliver consistent messages so each of your customers gets a relevant and unbroken experience across channels. But how do you scale your content to deliver individual and targeted messages to a global audience?

Artificial Intelligence generates personalized and geographically-relevant content through Natural Language Generation (NLG) software. This means you can engage a globally distributed audience through targeted messages with less effort and more efficiency.

Imagine a computer program using data and logic to create meaningful stories for your brand. Sounds unbelievable? Not anymore.

NLG software you can use: Arria, Quill, Yseop

2. Driving faster conversions through accurate targeting

Marketing Automation allows you to engage specific audience sets with the most relevant and targeted messages. With analytics you can also understand how customers are responding to your messages.

Artificial Intelligence segments your customers based on their behaviors, choices, purchasing habits, browsing activities, and individual preferences so you can target them based on their personas. This helps you ensure that your offerings resonate with the target segments and result in meaningful transactions.

Software you can use: Yandex, Kissmetrics, Piwik

3. Creating a channel-less experience

Marketing automation enables you to engage customers across channels and deliver relevant experiences to the desired audience sets. This is typically defined as omni-channel customer experience.

Artificial Intelligence is blurring the lines between customer touchpoints across channels. With next level analytics and fast-evolving machine learning programs, AI allows marketers to not only track cross-channel customer behavior but also create and automate intelligent marketing campaigns in a consistent tone of voice. As AI continues to evolve, customer experiences will not only be more consistent, but also more proactive and predictive.

Software you can use: Cognigy, Pega Customer Decision Hub, Boomtrain

4. Delivering richer visual experiences

Marketing automation enables you to send visual content to your audiences but does not provide a deep level of insight to either understand how well your visual content is performing or to select the right visuals based on your messaging and business context.

AI-driven analytics tools enable you to select and include the most effective and relevant visuals for your messages. For example, with an advanced AI you can go through millions of images within seconds. This helps you choose images that best suit your visual style, with no extra effort.

Software you can use: Clarifai, Planorama, IBM Watson Visual Recognition

5. Identifying leads of better quality

Lead generation is based on general customer profiling; demographics, job titles, and specific industries. But if you know the AI opportunities, then you can direct your marketing automation efforts on the best prospects.

By comparing the current customer base with would-be customers, the AI automatically creates a list of prospects and helps you define who is the best one.

AI pushes for auto-generated demands that are available to outbound marketers. Moreover, these leads can be automatically fed into the sales pipeline, with teams having a detailed profile of each prospect. Other than lead generation, AI helps with lead nurturing as well. All you need to do is follow best practices to increase your chances of converting leads into paying customers.

Software you can use: Creative Guerilla, Growbots, Conversica

To learn more about how Artificial Intelligence can truly transform your Marketing Automation efforts, download our report The AI Revolution: How Artificial Intelligence is Redefining Marketing Automation.

Are you ready to implement AI in your marketing automation?

Artificial Intelligence can take your marketing automation to the next level, but only if you do it under expert supervision and trusted guidance. At TA Digital we help organizations use AI to make their marketing automation more effective and result-oriented. To get help from our expert, please reach out to us here.

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