Artificial Intelligence Offerings

To achieve higher business insights, we provide our clients with the full support of our Data Science practice which deep learning algorithms to gather insights and make intelligent predictions that are aimed at an improved ROI. To reduce cost and speed up time-to-market, we leverage machine learning algorithms for automation in our implementation of digital transformation tools in the CMS, Commerce, CRM and Marketing Automation space.

Data Science

Using Machine Learning and Deep Learning Algorithms to proivde valuable insight to our customers.


Enterprise conversational chatbots using cutting edge techniques and industry leading AI engines.

Productizing AI

Incorporating AI within our products and tools that help clients adopt the top enterprise CMS, Commerce and Digital Marketing platforms in the industry.


Organizations often take for granted the wealth of data they have accumulated over the years and the invaluable insights and lessons that can be gained from analyzing the data the right way. Customer Data, User Data, Web Data, Behavioral Data, Employee Data, Product Data, all of which can provide analysis critical for ROI.


  • Identify Data Sources for your Business.
  • Extract the Data in a Common Data Warehouse.
  • Cleanse the Data and Consolidate.
  • Use Statistical Modeling to Extract Valuable Insights.
  • Leverage Machine Learning Algorithms to Find Hidden Lessons.
  • Learn & Iterate.


Having an intelligent conversational chatbot available to your customers and internal users is no longer a premium luxury but an expectation from any organization that prides itself on its services. Whether it is a web based chatbot for the end user or an internal audience leverage Slack, we can build and train state-of-the-art bots to help your support channel. We have built upon and leveraged the top AI Engines in the world like IBM Watson, Amazon Lex, and Microsoft Luis. Also whatever your business case is, we have solutioned it before. From Commerce platforms to Analytics use cases, we can help you take your user experience to the next level.


Over the last 20 years, we have developed a multitude of products and tools that help our clients and partners reduce cost, effort, timeline and risk when going to market with enterprise CMS, Commerce, Digital Marketing and Analytics tools. Leveraging AI and Machine Learning Algorithms within those products has helped increase the value-add of those products significantly and we are excited to pass-on that success and savings to our clients. Some of these are large stand-alone applications like our CMS Migration Application and some of these are smaller and single-purpose modules like Office Locator component.