Analytics Expertise & Experience

TA Digital Analytics practice focuses on helping you leverage data-driven insights and executing them to drive your business success. Our solutions are designed to reduce your costs and adopt the Analytics industry best practices. We help you build an analytics platform that provides you visibility into data insights that drive your KPI’s. We help you strategize your analytics roadmap to increases leads, conversions, and your ROI. Click here to learn about our Digital Analytics health check.

Business Analytics Solutions

As Analytics experts, we understand business language and can define and drive your KPI’s.

Analytics Integration

Building world-class analytics integrations using market-leading analytics tools.

Analytics Implementation

Certified experts implementing Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics, Tealium, Ensighten and other leading market tools.

Analytics Reporting Automation

Building comprehensive automated reporting dashboards that drive data-driven business decisions.


As analytics industry experts, we conduct a Techno-Functional Audit of your website, our goal is to identify the gaps between business context, KPI’s, and Analytics. We provide a detailed audit report that prescribes how to eliminate the gaps and implement KPI’s that accurately measure the business. We provide qualitative and quantitative insights that help you streamline your analytics roadmap. click here.


  • Techno-Functional Auditing
  • Report Audit
  • KPI Benchmarking
  • Analytics Implementation Audit.
  • Business Insight/Recommendations
  • Analytics Best Practice Validation


Our in-house certified Analytics professionals help you in identifying the possibilities and power of Analytics implemented on your website. We think out of the box and create innovative analytics strategies for your business. We provide end-to-end analytics implementations using industry best practice standard approaches. We are experts in implementing cross-market – cross-platform analytics implementation using various market-leading tools. click here.


  • Business Solution Requirements
  • Solution Design Reference Document
  • Adobe Analytics Implementation
  • Google Analytics Implementation
  • Industry Best Practice dataLayer Implementation
  • Tag Management Solutions


Conversions, Leads, ROI, Net Profit and many other metrics are considered as industry best standard measurements. As Analytics experts we help you create automated reports that give you access to deep data insights. We help your business measure various KPI metrics to help drive your business success. click here.


  • Google Dashboards
  • Excel Dashboards
  • Adobe Dashboards
  • Custom Dashboards
  • Data-Driven Insights/Recommendations
  • Reporting Automation

Analytics Solution Offerings

Business Analytics

Analyze Business Context

Define & Derive KPI’s

Industry Best Practice Analytics

What is Right & What’s Next?

Techno-Functional Audit

Analytics Implementation


Technical Documentation for Analytics

dataLayer Implementation for Analytics

Analytics Implementation for Websites

Adobe Analytics Implementation

Google Analytics Implementation

Tag Manager Solutions

Dynamic/Static /Automated Reporting

Build Reporting Dashboards

Adobe Dashboards

Google Dashboards

Report Builder

Analytics Edge

Custom Dashboards

Data Analysis /Insights /Recommendations

Root Cause Analysis

Social Media Analysis

Predictive Analytic

Trend Analytics

Behavioral Analysis