Rajiv Rohmetra

Rajiv Rohmetra

CEO & Co-Founder
As the CEO and Founding Partner of TA Digital, Rajiv provides strategic direction for the company. With over 25 years of experience in the IT industry, he has witnessed the IT paradigm shift from the legacy mainframe-based applications to ERP/client-server applications, and then to the world of web and mobile apps.

At TA Digital, Rajiv handles strategic planning, sales and marketing, human resources and leadership development. As a tech-savvy problem-solver, he is adept at striking a balance between strategic and tactical solutions.

Prior to TA Digital, Rajiv held various IT positions at Ford Motor Company and has worked with consultancy firms like PwC, IBM Global, and Accenture.

Rajiv earned his Bachelor degree in Computer Science from MANIT (National Institute of Technology), India, and a Master Certification in Business Analysis from ESI International and George Washington University.

In his leisure time, Rajiv is an avid tennis player and spends quality time with his friends and family.